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This is the first post on Sky Dive Help Dot Com and it’s purpose is mainly to say hi to anyone who stumbles across this site whilst it is still in development.

So… HI!

Sky diving can be described as similar to bungee jumping, abseiling, or even travelling to the moon..

Flying to the moon?

All of these activities and other adventure type sports and pursuits all have a few things in common:

  • They take a certain amount of strength of mind and character to attempt.
  • They appeal to people with a strong sense of adventure.
  • They are perceived as dangerous or even crazy by the average “armchair warrior”.
  • Once achieved for the first time they can create an enormous sense of achievement.
  • They create peak experiences that are rare in many humdrum modern lives.
  • They can be addictive!

There are obviously more similarities, but you get the idea… Right?

jump out of a planeThere are 2 types of people in the world from our perspective…

… Those who have jumped out of a plane and those who haven’t.

Of these 2 groups, there are a large majority who never have and never will.

There are a small minority who have jumped out of a plane, who loved it and will continue to do so from time to time.

This website is not really aimed at either of these groups.

This website is aimed for people who:

  1. Have always wanted to try sky diving but have never gotten around to it.
  2. Would like to do it but are scared.
  3. Have agreed to a charity sky dive, the date is looming and the anxiety levels are rising.
  4. Are getting encouraged by a friend, partner or colleague but are nervous and want to find out more.
  5. Have a “bucket list” or a goals list of awesome adventures and a sky dive is on the list.

If you are an experienced adventure sport enthusiast, or if you have ever jumped out of a plane before, you will understand the feeling of nervous excitement involved.

Perhaps you have witnessed people who have backed out at the last minute because they were not properly prepared mentally.

You will also know people who never even follow their dreams and get stuck into the tedium and challenge of everyday life. It can be frustrating if we see a loved one who never experiences passion and adventure.

If you are someone who is considering sky diving for the first time, but have questions and concerns then this web site is especially for you!

Some people like to know what is going to happen in advance so that they can prepare. There are mental strategies that can help us face any fear or new situation.

What is the main thing that stops us following our dreams?


Fear is a funny thing, there are many types of fear, from the fear of failure, to the fear of snakes and the fear of public speaking.

Other peoples fear can seem ridiculous at times. Did you know that many people are afraid of dogs? Or other people? (Not the boogeyman, ALL other people!)

But our own fears are very real, and are sometimes hard to explain to others. There are ways that we can prepare ourselves to overcome challenges. Once we overcome a new challenge, the sense of triumph can be overwhelming.

If we combine the sense of challenge, and the associated achievement…

… With the amazing feeling of weightlessness, and pure freedom …

… Plus the spirit of new friendships and the trust and mutual respect …

… There are very few things that we can do in this world that can compare to sky diving!

Strategies to help you prepare

If you think back at your life, there are likely to be times where you have approached a challenging situation fully prepared and it was a breeze.

Perhaps you prepared for an examination really well and knew the subject matter completely? The exam itself would have been actually fun and completely stress free.

There are probably other times that you would prefer not to think about, where you were unprepared, nervous, and your anxiety spoiled what should have been a happy time.

There are plenty of proactive things that you can do to prepare for your first sky dive. Some of these strategies can be applied to any other challenge in life.

The more challenges you attempt (and inevitably achieve) the stronger your “challenge muscle” will get. This repeated seeking, attempting, and achieving of challenges is one of those things that makes life truly special.

We are honored to be involved in your journey into something that is really amazing.

Thanks for allowing us to be a part of it 🙂



Author: Jenny Walker

......... I am a sensible yet crazy girl who loves life. Into anything exciting or adventurous! MWUAH!

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