Global Vision Anti-Fog Goggles Review

I’m into a bunch of different extreme sports, and as a result, have a ton of gear lying around my house. In fact, it’s gotten to the point that my boyfriend keeps pressuring me to quit a few of my hobbies, just so we can have more space back in our apartment. While it doesn’t really bother me to be stepping over sports gear when I wake up in the morning, it really irritates him for some reason. I guess I can understand, but not only am I really into my sports, but I’m a total gear junkie as well.

The other day we had a big fight about all the eyewear I had, which was pretty much just spilling out over the dresser I had kept it all on. The thing was, is I felt totally justified in all that eyewear. If there was any sort of gear I should have a lot of, shouldn’t it be safety gear? He always worries about me, saying that I’m going to get hurt doing all these extreme sports, and then complains about the fact that I have too much safety gear in our home. While I fully admit to probably not being able to understand the way in which men think, I didn’t think I was wrong this time, and refused to throw out any of my eyewear.

After that, he didn’t want to speak to me at all for a few days, which to be honest, wasn’t too bad, because he didn’t get mad when I came home late from riding my dirt bike and from a weekend skydiving excursion I took with some friends. That worked for a while, but eventually we needed to start talking to each other again.

I tried explaining to him why I needed so many pairs of eyewear. One was for skydiving, because I needed the glasses not to let too much air in, but also not fog up either. Another one was for snowboarding, because I needed them to able to stand up to the colder temperatures that I tend to experience while I’m on the slopes. The others are for dirt biking and motorcycling, which have similar features as the others, but I of course want to look cool when I’m on the road. This last bit didn’t impress him all that much, but hey, at least I was honest!

Then he said something to me which sounded like it was his favor, but I believed it to be in mine. He asked me “If I can find you a pair of goggles that works for all of your hobbies, will you sell or throw all the others away?” It took me all of two seconds to think this over, because I didn’t think he could ever find a pair of goggles like that. If I’ve never been able to find a pair of goggles like that, then he certainly didn’t stand a chance at doing so.

Then one day he came home from work with a pair of goggles in hand. He said they were called the Global Vision Anti-Fog Goggles. I just smiled, thinking “that’s so cute, he thinks she found a pair of goggles that’s going to work for everything.” I was willing to humor him for a little bit, so I sat down on the couch while he began talking. He didn’t tell me anything about the goggles, which I was glad for, because I didn’t think he knew anything about these types of goggles. Instead, he wanted to talk about the details of our deal, which didn’t make me as glad, but I was still willing to humor him.

He said he wanted me to try the goggles for all of my sports, and be honest about their performance. I guess he doesn’t completely trust me to be honest, because he said he was going to come along with me for each sport, to see my reaction firsthand. “No problem”, I said, as I’m the type of gal who wears her emotions on her sleeve.

So I made an appointment with some friends to go skydiving and he tagged along. He didn’t actually go skydiving with me, but he waited on the ground at the drop zone to see my reaction as I hit the ground. I headed up in the plane and all my friends commented about the new goggles. I was surprised that they were complimenting them saying they looked really cool. It wasn’t that I didn’t think they looked cool, I think I was just averse to liking them at first. Then I jumped, and to my surprise, they were every bit as good as my old pair of skydiving goggles. Of course, I landed with a huge smile on my face, and my boyfriend knew they had passed the skydiving test.

He won that round, but I knew they couldn’t pass the dirt bike and motorcycle test. He came out to the track with me and watched me ride, and to my surprise, I couldn’t find any faults with them there either. They performed every bit as well as my goggles that I use specifically for dirt biking. I started getting nervous at this point, thinking my boyfriend might actually be right. A couple days later I took her out on a motorcycle ride with me, and they held up just as good, if not better than my motorcycle goggles. It was at this point that I really started to like these googles, and was actually hoping they would pass the last test – the snowboard test.

We headed up to the mountains later that weekend and I went up on the lift wearing my new goggles. My boyfriend joined side by side this time. He is an avid snowboarder as well, but he definitely wanted to be there to see if he had been right all along or not. They turned out to work out great, this time to my satisfaction instead of my surprise. That was it, I was sold.

These goggles have since became my favorite goggles and I wear them for absolutely everything. I sold off all my other special and expensive goggles and now wear these ones exclusively. Now my boyfriend is trying to get me to consolidate down the rest of my gear, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. He was right about the goggles and I do have a lot of gear, but I just can’t bear myself to part with it all.

I’ve since seen these goggles on sale in stores, but I asked my boyriend how she first heard about them. He just smiled and said “I have my ways”. He certainly does.

5 out of 5 Stars

Author: Jenny Walker

......... I am a sensible yet crazy girl who loves life. Into anything exciting or adventurous! MWUAH!

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