Skydiving in Greece

Greece, with its archaeological sites, beautiful beaches and delicious food and drinks, combined with its hot, sunny weather and friendly, welcoming people is a popular vacation choice for many. There is so much to see and enjoy here that many people overlook the fact that it is also the perfect venue for skydiving, however, even for a first time skydiver the aerial view of this delightful country is a sight not to be missed.

First time skydiving in Greece

Even a first time skydiver can make their first dive in Greece as all skydiving facilities have to follow strict guidelines for safety and are checked to ensure they do this on a regular basis. Any failure to comply will result in them being immediately closed down. These strict safety protocols allow that even first time skydivers can go along to what is known as a Drop Zone and be able to make their first skydive on the same day. All Drop Zones have their own training methods, some may show a video and some may do a walkthrough, it can even be a combination of the two. You will learn how to deal with the highly unlikely event of the instructor passing out during free fall, as this would mean that you would be in control and you would need to be able to release the parachute and ensure both of you get safely back to ground level.

Next you will be shown the skydiving clothing and equipment and how to wear it, it is not particularly comfortable but has been designed with your safety in mind so wear it as directed. It helps to wear loose, comfortable clothing underneath that allows ease of movement and easy breathing.

Once you have completed the training session the next step is to head for the plane and take-off ready to actually make your skydive.

Type of skydiving available to first time skydivers in Greece

First time skydivers usually start off with what is known as a Tandem Jump, so named because the instructor or Jumpmaster as they are known is strapped to your back and you both jump out of the plane in tandem. A Jumpmaster has to have completed at least 500 skydives and is fully trained and qualified in all types of skydiving.

When the plane is at the correct altitude the Jumpmaster will strap themselves to your back ready to jump and although this will at first feel very heavy, you will not notice it once you jump from the plane and are in free fall and essentially weightless. When it is time to actually jump from the plane and skydive, this is often the point that many people have second thoughts, this is perfectly normal and the Jumpmaster will help you to overcome your fears. They will know whether someone is just a little nervous about stepping out of the plane and possibly just need a small push or whether that person is just too frightened and wants to be left to sit it out in the plane. If you decide not to actually skydive, you will still have to pay the full price as you will already have had the training and time for the plane and Jumpmaster, also the Jumpmaster may decide to solo skydive leaving you alone in the plane to fly back to the Drop Zone; these two factors combined are often in themselves enough to convince someone to actually make the skydive after all.

Once you actually make the decision to jump and are in free fall any fears will go as you will feel so exhilarated with the feeling of the wind rushing past you that you won’t have time to worry any more. After a short time of free fall the Jumpmaster will release the parachute and the descent rate will slow rapidly, this is then the time to look beneath you and really take in the beauty of Greece beneath you. Once you are back on the ground, you may decide you enjoyed the experience so much that you want to immediately repeat it and this may be a possibility, just have a word with the Jumpmaster to see if there is availability.

If you are very daring and love an adrenalin rush, there is another type of skydive available for first time skydivers, it is as near an experience to solo skydiving as it is possible to have and is known as a Static Line Jump. For a Static Line Jump, there is more training and two Jumpmasters are required, therefore it is also more expensive. One Jumpmaster will be tethered to you by a long line and the other jumpmaster will be on the ground, in contact by Walkie Talkie. The Jumpmaster on the ground will monitor wind speed and direction and guide you both down in the safest way. You will have the responsibility of releasing the parachute at the right time, however the Jumpmaster tethered to you is there for backup should you forget what to do in any way.

Where can I skydive in Greece?

You are probably very keen to book your first skydive now and experience that exhilarating experience for yourself, however before you book anywhere, just do a little homework first. All Drop Zones must keep detailed safety records and any safety breaches can cause a facility to be closed and force them to be reassessed. Check that the one you choose has an unblemished record; you are putting your life in their hands, so make sure they are safe.

To get you started, here are a couple of facilities in Greece:

Skydive Athens

Hellenic Skydive

Include skydiving in your vacation to Greece, you will be so glad you did; the whole experience and of course the wonderful view will create lasting memories you will want to share with all your friends. Who knows, your experiences may even persuade them to visit Greece and try skydiving for themselves.

Author: Jenny Walker

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  1. Opened in the autumn of 2014, Skydive-Athens is the only skydiving center in sunny and warm Greece which operates all year round flying with an 18 seated turbine aircraft the goes to 14000ft (4200m) in only 10 minutes.

    The nice setup and ambient facilities provide a relaxed but professional environment and invites our guests to spend many hours here.

    Although very young in age we are a fast growing business and we like to compare ourselves with other big European skydiving centers and we can proudly say that we meet and sometimes even exceed the European standards.

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    One of the main activities we offer is the tandem jump with the instructor, fun jumps for experienced skydivers and skydiving training program for those ones who want to learn how to skydive.

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    Skydive Athens team

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  2. Hi Erietta, Thanks for taking the time to comment and correct my error in your website listing. I have made the change now. Cheers!

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