How Do I Skydive Safely?

Before going skydiving for the first time, the biggest question most people have, besides whether or not it is safe in the first place, is what precautions they can take to go skydiving safely. In all honesty, the most important thing you can do to ensure your safety while skydiving, is simply to go skydiving with a reputable operator who has a good safety record.

If you’re in North America, then it’s highly likely that just about every skydiving operator in the phone book or on the internet has an impeccable safety record. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be in operation anymore. Even a single accident could get them shut down forever. Still, we recommend calling them before deciding to go skydiving with them, just to verify their safety record.

sky dive safely

Here is the prize… That unbelievable feeling shortly after!

Besides choosing a good and reputable operator, there are a couple other things you can do to ensure your first skydiving experience is a safe one.

Wear proper clothing – We always recommend to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Skydiving equipment is really not all that comfortable, so you can help to counter that by wearing clothes that won’t be uncomfortable as well. Some people will try to loosen their equipment due to their clothes not being comfortable either. You can probably imagine exactly what the consequences of not wearing your skydiving equipment correctly are. Don’t make that mistake – wear comfortable clothing that will ensure you can wear your skydiving equipment the proper way.

Also make sure you wear close-toed shoes which can be tightened or tied. If you wear loose-fitting shoes or sandals, they will almost certainly come off in mid air. Not only do you run the risk of cutting your feet during landing, but if they came off, that means they are headed towards the ground with no parachute to slow them down before they get there. That can be extremely dangerous for anyone who is on the ground below where you are jumping from.

Make sure you show up aware and ready to jump – Skydiving is an extreme sport and because of that, tends to attract people from all walks of life. Since it’s so extreme, many people who are into the party lifestyle are attracted to skydiving. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this, skydiving in anything less than your peak condition can be very dangerous.

Make sure you don’t show up under the influence of any alcohol or drugs, and refrain from drinking too much the night before you go skydiving. Even though your jumpmaster will be the one in charge of everything, you’ll still want to be able to have split second reactions, just in case anything goes wrong in the air.

Pay attention during your training session – When you arrive at the drop zone, you’ll undergo a training session, which will teach you about many of the intricacies of skydiving. You will learn about how to properly put on your equipment, as well as what to do in case of an emergency.

This is definitely no time to slack off and not pay attention. While the chance of something going wrong is minuscule, if something does go wrong, you’ll want to know exactly how you’re supposed to deal with it. Even if you managed to get through high school and college without paying full attention, don’t apply that same logic to your training session. You’ll be learning about life-saving techniques, and if you ever need to use them, you’ll be very glad you were paying attention.

We are big supporters of the fact that despite what most people believe, that skydiving is a very safe sport. A surprisingly low number of skydiving accidents occur every year, because of how strict the safety standards for skydiving are. While the absolute best thing you can do to stay safe, is to only jump with a reputable operator, doing the things above will help to keep you just a little bit safer. Remember, an unsafe jump could be the last one you ever make, while a safe jump will be the time of your life. Do things safely and enjoy your free fall!

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