How much does skydiving cost?

How Much Does it Cost to go Skydiving?

When the topic of skydiving comes up, one of the things people are most concerned about, after the safety aspects of course, is the price. While it’s true, skydiving is pretty expensive if you think about the cost compared to the few minutes you’ll actually spend in the air, it’s also an incredible experience that simply can’t be measured in terms of dollars vs minutes.

In fact, going skydiving is usually around the same price as going to Disneyland for the day, and you can imagine which one is more exhilarating. There are some variables involved though, so we are going to be taking a look at some of the different options and price ranges you have when beginning to skydive.

Tandem Jumps

This is by far the most popular type of jump, especially for a beginner. If you are even slightly hesitant about jumping out of a plane for the first time, you should definitely go for a tandem jump. With a tandem jump, you will be jumping with a trained and certified JumpMaster literally strapped to your back, and he (or she) will be in full control, just in case anything goes wrong. This alone takes a lot of the risk and feelings of fear out of the experience for most people.

You should shop around and enquire about prices at Drop Zones near you to see what the rates are, but typically one tandem jump will cost you about $175. This is all inclusive, and gives you a short training session, covers the rental of your parachute, fuels up the airplane and also leaves a bit left over in profit for your JumpMaster and the Drop Zone facility itself.

picture of an airplane for skydiving

The cost of skydiving is very reasonable considering the expenses involved.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Jumps

These require a lot more training and because of that can be much more expensive than a simple tandem jump. An AFF jump will begin with several hours (sometimes up to six hours) of training before you even get on the plane. This is because in an AFF jump, you won’t be strapped into a JumpMaster directly, allowing you to fly through the air on your own. While you do jump out on your own, but there will be a JumpMaster on each side to stabilize you. You will be in full control of everything from deploying your parachute, to steering yourself down into the landing. There will also be someone waiting at the landing area (usually with a walkie talkie connected to a headset in your gear) to help guide you to a safe landing.

Because of all the extra training, and the requirement for more than one JumpMaster to jump, and an additional one on the ground, prices for AFF jumps usually start at around $600 and can go as high as $1,000.

Keep in mind, that if you ever want to become certified and able to jump truly on your own, the AFF program is mandatory for getting you up to speed. If you are the slightest bit hesitant about jumping out of a moving plane, then you should start with a tandem jump and move up to an AFF jump only when you feel completely ready.


Some people will certainly want to document the experience of their first jump ever, and most Drop Zones will have JumpMasters on site who can jump with you with the sole purpose of recording the event. These services can go for anywhere from $60 to $100 per jump, including the rental of the camera and transferring the video to you in your preferred format. Keep in mind, some Drop Zones will add a watermark with their logo on brand name on it, to reinforce their brand when you share the video with friends. If this will be an issue for you, make sure to ask about their watermark policies before agreeing to any extra services.

Some Drop Zones will also allow for you to shoot video yourself. Of course, you can bring your own camera, but most places will have some ready for rent. The GoPro is a very popular choice, and you can often rent one for as little as $20 per jump. They might have some more advanced equipment too, so if your needs require a little bit more than a GoPro can provide, it never hurts to ask.

Just remember, if you happen to drop your camera equipment while in midair, it is almost impossible that it will survive the fall. Make sure to check with the Drop Zone about their policies relating to damaged gear, and any fees you will be responsible for if you damage the gear you’re renting. This goes for cameras, as well as the rest of your gear too.

As you can see, skydiving will cost you at minimum a couple hundred dollars per person, which really isn’t that significant considering everything that’s included. You get a training session, use of the plane to fly you up there, and a certified professional to guide you down. We see people spend more money on much less exhilarating things everyday. If you’ve got an extra couple hundred bucks lying around (most of us do), why not give skydiving a shot? Most people touch down to the ground and immediately wish they were back up in the air again!


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