How Skydiving Can Make You a Better Person

To some people it might sound like a crazy concept. They don’t see the connection between something like skydiving and self improvement. For them, it’s a pretty abstract connection at best, that skydiving could truly help them improve at other things in life. If you go over to Amazon and look at skydiving books though, you’ll quickly see the connection. Many people are writing books about skydiving helped them become a better person in all areas of life, or helped them to become a better athlete in a sport completely unrelated to skydiving.

So how does that work?

It’s pretty simple, skydiving forces you to confront your fears. Unless you’re some sort of fearless freak of nature, you should be afraid to jump out of a moving plane. Even some skydiving instructors have to face their fears before each and every jump they make. For some of them, that level of fear never goes away, no matter how many jumps they’ve made in their life.

It’s completely normal. What’s also completely normal, is actually contorting your fears. As an adult, and a strong-willed person, you need to be able to look your fears in the eye, and say “I’m going to conquer you”. If you can’t do that, then it’s quite likely your fears are going to swallow you whole, or at the very least, keep you from achieving all the things in life you really want.

Sky Dive and become a better person

So do you do you confront the fears that are eating away at you? You confront the ones that are a little more manageable. Many people find that it’s much easier to go skydiving, than it is to get over their fear of public speaking for example.

Something happens in your brain after you go skydiving

It’s a huge boost of adrenaline, like you’ve never felt before. Besides just the massive adrenaline boost though, you go from being very scared, to pumping with energy in just a few seconds. Within a couple of minutes, you’re back down on the ground again, in full realization that your fear of skydiving was completely unfounded. You were scared out of your mind, but you jumped anyways, and things worked out just fine.

The effect this has on the brain is huge. It teaches your brain that the things you’re afraid of actually can be overcome. You learn that you don’t need to be afraid of those things anymore, because you’ve already seen firsthand how some of your fears were unfounded. Once you make that realization about skydiving, it becomes much easier to apply the same philosophy to other areas of your life. Before long, you forget about how afraid of those things you truly are, and just attack the problem head on.

Going skydiving has helped people to do better in their jobs, leave unhealthy relationships, and to find the courage to do things they never thought possible. If something is scaring you or stressing you out, we highly recommend going skydiving and then thinking about whether or not you really need to be letting it scare you so much.

Author: Jenny Walker

......... I am a sensible yet crazy girl who loves life. Into anything exciting or adventurous! MWUAH!

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