Indoor Skydiving in NYC

We recently talked at great length about all the options available to a person who is interested in going skydiving in NYC. The one thing that became quickly apparent, is that NYC is not the skydiving capital of the world. How could it be? It’s full of people, tall buildings and there’s hardly a wide open space in sight. All of those things don’t add up to a good recipe for a successful dive.

Indoor Skydiving is a great option for those in big cities

Another thing that we always talk about when there are no real skydiving options available is indoor skydiving. If you aren’t familiar with the concept of indoor skydiving, it’s basically a wind tunnel – a tall, vertical and cylindrical container that has very highly powered fans at the bottom that blow air upwards. When someone enters the wind tunnel, the air propels them and lifts them clear off the ground. This allows them to “experience” what skydiving feels like, without having to actually jump out of a plane.

While some people will use indoor skydiving as a replacement for actual skydiving, we can definitely say that the real thing is infinitely better and intense. If your interest has been piqued by skydiving, then it’s pretty likely indoor skydiving isn’t going to cut the mustard for you. That’s not always the point of indoor skydiving though.

Indoor skydiving in NYC

Instead, most people go indoor skydiving because they want to get the feel for it before they go out and do the real thing. They are apprehensive about throwing themselves out of a moving plane, and would prefer to try it in a more controlled environment first. Or, they are worried that cutting through thin air at such speeds is going to hurt. It doesn’t, but it’s a valid concern and going indoor skydiving can help alleviate those concerns for most people, helping them get one step closer to actually going out and making their first real jump.

There are no places to indoor sky dive in New York!

But read on for the best option…

One would think that since NYC doesn’t have that many options for skydiving in the traditional sense, that they must have lots of options for indoor skydiving so people could at least get some of the experience. They don’t though. There isn’t a single indoor skydiving facility in NYC. If it’s indoor skydiving you’re looking for and you’re in NYC, then it looks like you’re taking a trip up to New Hampshire?

Yes, it does seem funny, as one would expect NYC to have a whole lot more in terms of everything than New Hampshire. New Hampshire is just a small state with only about a million people, whereas NYC is a sprawling metropolis, one of the biggest cities in the world where one could expect to find absolutely everything they could ever imagine. Except for indoor skydiving facilities, that is.

From NYC, the drive up to New Hampshire is going to take several hours. You should budget about five or six hours, but you never know how traffic is going to be. All this could change as well depending on which area of NYC you’re coming from. Luckily, the indoor skydiving facility is located in Nashua, New Hampshire, which is just barely across the border of Massachusetts. This means you won’t have to venture very far into New Hampshire at all.

Speaking of the word venture, that’s the name of the facility – Sky Venture NH. You can check out their website at to find out lots more information about what you can do there.

One of the interesting things about this facility in particular, is that while you can go there for indoor skydiving, they don’t offer traditional skydiving there. Lots of times, you’ll find indoor skydiving facilities at a drop zone for traditional sky diving. They use the indoor skydiving equipment to help prepare people for that big jump they’re about to make 12,000 feet above the ground. That’s not the case at Sky Venture NH though.

Instead, they specialize in just being an all around fun place, with a whole lot of fun things to do there, besides just indoor skydiving. For instance, how about a little bit of indoor surfing? Not sure what it is? Well, it’s sort of like indoor skydiving, in the sense that it simulates the real activity while taking all of the risk out of it. Indoor surfing is an artificial wave that almost anyone, even if they’ve never gone surfing before can ride. Just like indoor skydiving can help to prepare someone for real skydiving, indoor surfing can also prepare someone who has never surfed before for the real thing. The waves aren’t that great in New Hampshire though, and the ocean is pretty cold year round, so you may want to take those newly found skills to warmer waters with larger waves.

Sky Venture New Hampshire have cornered a huge vicinity of the market…

The interesting thing is that not only is this one facility the closest to NYC, but it’s also the only one in the immediate vicinity. Lots of people think that if there isn’t an indoor skydiving facility in NYC then there must be one in Boston for sure, but your drive from NYC will have you passing right through Boston – as there’s definitely no indoor skydiving facilities there either. Little old New Hampshire, the Live Free or Die state, somehow has managed to take hold of the entire indoor skydiving industry in the Northeast.

As far as whether or not it is worth the drive up to New Hampshire from NYC, that’s all up to you. If you’re already pretty convinced that you’re ready to go skydiving and you don’t need much more of a push, then you’re probably better off just heading to your closest drop zone and doing it for real. Indoor skydiving can also be much more expensive than traditional skydiving, so unless you really need that extra boost of confidence, it might be worth skipping.

If you’re still really scared to go skydiving though, then going indoor skydiving first can be a great way to mentally prepare yourself for it all. Once you go indoor skydiving for the first time, you’ll feel that rush and most people want to repeat it in an even more extreme way as soon as they possibly can. So in that sense, going indoor skydiving might just make perfect sense for you. As an added bonus, if you drive up to New Hampshire, you can go indoor surfing at the same time. Indoor surfing facilities are even rarer than indoor skydiving facilities, so having both of them in one place is an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone.

Or, you might be a part of a third group of people who have been skydiving many times before, but have never managed to try indoor skydiving. We’ll be quite honest, it’s much less of a thrill than traditional skydiving, but any experienced skydiver should try it at least once. One of the other really cool things about indoor skydiving is that it lets you try and perfect your skydiving maneuvers in a much more controlled environment. If you’ve been working on a spin or roll move during your free fall, but attempting it during your free fall has been scaring the daylights out of you, then you have every reason to give it a try in the wind tunnel, where risks are drastically reduced for dangerous maneuvers that you may not be fully ready for yet.

So whether you’re in NYC, or anywhere else in the northeast of the United States, if you’ve got an inkling to go indoor skydiving, it’s time to pack up the car and head towards Nashua, New Hampshire. They will be able to supply you with a jumpsuit or wind suit that will be suitable for your time in the wind tunnel. If you want to try out the indoor surfing though, then make sure you bring a pair of board shorts or something you don’t mind getting wet. You wouldn’t want to get all the way out there and realize you left behind the proper clothes for an activity that exists in so few places in the world.

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