Skydiving in Russia

Russia, the largest country in the world, offers everything, from sightseeing in St Petersburg to a journey on the Trans Siberian railway, but, what about skydiving in Russia? You may never have considered skydiving here but, this massive country has much to offer and with its beautiful scenery and many skydiving facilities this makes it an ideal location for a first skydive.

First time skydive in Russia

Full training and very stringent safety protocols, ensure that even first time skydivers can visit a skydiving facility, known as a Drop Zone, and make their first ever skydive in Russia.

All Drop Zones have their own method of instruction, ranging from a video tutorial, to a walk-through of the procedure and this takes approximately a couple of hours. This is all designed to give you enough information to not only make the skydive, but also to prepare you in the highly unlikely case of an emergency situation whereby the instructor was unable to control the skydive and release the parachute and you will be shown what to do if this were to occur. Specialist clothing and equipment is provided and must be worn during a skydive, bear in mind that it is primarily designed with safety in mind and can be uncomfortable, however if you wear loose, comfortable clothing underneath, which allows ease of movement, you will be fine. You will be shown the correct way of wearing it and then after the initial tuition you will head to the plane to take off ready to make that all important first skydive.

Don't forget to dress up warm. Whether you are skydiving or simply shopping.

Don’t forget to dress up warm. Whether you are skydiving or simply shopping.

Types of first time skydive available in Russia

The usual type of first time skydive offered, is what is known as a Tandem Jump, tandem because the instructor or Jumpmaster, as they are known, is strapped to your back and you both jump out of the plane together. Jumpmasters will have made at least 500 previous skydives and are fully trained and qualified individuals. They have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your first skydive is an unforgettable experience and will be in full control the whole time.

Once in the plane, upon reaching the correct altitude, the Jumpmaster will make final equipment checks then strap themselves to your back ready to jump out. This will feel very strange and heavy but don’t worry you will not feel their weight once you jump from the plane and are in free fall and are essentially weightless.

When it comes to actually jumping from the plane this can be the point at which some people have second thoughts, this is normal reaction and the Jumpmaster will help you discuss your fears and rationalize them. Their experience lets them know if it is just nerves and you need a little help or just seriously just want to stay in the plane and go back to the Drop Zone. Whatever your decision, you will still have to pay for the experience as the both the Jumpmasters and the planes time will have been used; it is worth mentioning that the Jumpmaster may well decide to do a solo dive should you decide to sit it out and for many this is enough of a motivator to make the skydive.

Actually making the skydive will prove to be a decision you will be glad you took, as once you jump from the plane and are in free fall, the sheer exhilaration of it all will take away any feelings of anxiety. After a couple of minutes of free fall, the Jumpmaster will release the parachute and there will be a massive reduction in the descent rate. This is the time to really look around and below you and take in the wonderful panoramic view of Russia as you glide back down to the ground. Once you are back on the ground, you may feel so exhilarated that you want to repeat the experience and this may be possible depending on time and availability of the plane and Jumpmaster, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

For really adventurous, adrenalin junkie types, there is another kind of skydiving available to first time skydivers. This is what is known as a Static Line Jump and it involves two Jumpmasters, it is more expensive and the training is longer. This is the nearest experience first time skydivers can have to solo skydiving and basically, you will be attached to the Jumpmaster by means of a long rope and you both jump out of the plane separately. You will be in contact with the Jumpmaster on the ground by walkie talkie and they will monitor wind speed and direction and guide you in your descent, however you will be in control of releasing the parachute at the correct time. The Jumpmaster tethered to you is there in case you forget how to release the parachute or panic in any way, they will then release their parachute and this will slow your descent rate and get you both safely back down to the ground.

Where can I skydive in Russia?

You have read about how wonderful skydiving in Russia can be, so hopefully now you want to experience that for yourself. It is worth mentioning that before you go ahead and book any type of skydiving experience you should really check the safety records of your chosen venue. All facilities have to keep safety records and any incidents will cause them to be shut down and have their safety protocols re assessed, so ensure they have a good safety record, those few minutes you take to check their safety records could, literally be a lifesaver.

Here are a couple of possible sites to check out:

Aerograd Kolomna

Russia has so much to offer, so why not take a holiday here and make it the time to give skydiving a try. The wonderful experience you have will make you the envy of all your friends and will create lasting memories that you will never forget.

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