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Where to Go Skydiving in NYC

If you’re headed to NYC, chances are, you’re probably not doing so because of the extreme sports there like skydiving. On the other hand, if your choice of extreme sports happened to be more along the lines of skateboarding or parkour, then NYC might be one of the best places in the world for you. For skydivers though, there’s not a whole lot of options within the city itself. There’s just way too much going on, way too many tall buildings and not nearly enough in terms of wide, open spaces for skydiving to ever become popular there.

That’s OK though, because if you want to do something like skydiving badly enough, then taking a drive out to the appropriate area shouldn’t be a problem for you. While a lot of the drop zones around the NYC area may be too far for a tourist in NYC to travel to, if you are a NYC city resident and feel like jumping out of a plane on your weekend off, there are many options to suit your adrenaline-fueled urges.

Not much traffic up there...

Not much traffic up there…

The best part, is that no matter which skydiving facility you choose to go to, they should all be more than ready to accommodate for you, even if it is your first time. All you have to do is make sure you turn up early enough in the morning to go through all of the safety instructions and procedures and you’ll be airborne by the early afternoon. You could even wake up and decide to go skydiving on a whim and have your first jump under your belt by the end of the day. What a country!

Another great thing about going skydiving in NYC, or the rest of the United States really, is there is rarely a need to be concerned with the safety record of the company you’ll be jumping with. While we would never dream of recommending that someone go skydiving without first verifying that the company they’ll be using follows standard safety procedures, just about all skydiving operators in the US will meet or exceed any safety standards which have been set up to keep you safe.

Head over to Long Island…

If you don’t want to venture too far away from the city, then your best bet might be to head over to Long Island. This is still technically part of New York City and you can actually still manage to get some pretty spectacular views when skydiving in Long Island. Just imagine jumping out of a plane slightly above the sprawling cityscape of NYC and seeing all of that as the earth rushes towards you (or rather, as you rush towards the earth). This makes Long Island an appealing place to go skydiving in the NYC area, whether you are on vacation there or living in NYC full time. Long Island is also a very underrated are of the city, and you might want to even spend the weekend there outside of your skydiving trip to get a feel for the place.

Of all the operators out there serving the Long Island area, we can certainly recommend SkyDive Long Island ( ), located in Calverto, NY. They have an excellent safety record and accommodate for single people, large groups and everything in between. They have been open since 1986, so there should be no question to the fact that they have been around long enough to know exactly what they are doing.

They can also arrange all sorts of extras for you and your group, like videos of your experience, just in case you’re thinking your friends and family won’t believe you that you’ve actually been skydiving before. Nothing proves that point better than a video.

To find their facility on the map and plan your route out to the drop zone, just search for their address:

400 David Court

Calverton, NY 11933 USA


Or go Upstate…

Of course, for many of you, staying within the city is the last thing you’d ever want to do when it comes time to do something like skydiving. As cool of a city as NYC is, too much time in any sprawling metropolis can get boring and you want to go and explore new things and places, especially when taking part in an activity like skydiving. Fair enough and there are lots of places where you can go upstate, which are just a few hours away from the city by car.

Keep in mind though, when you visit these facilities upstate, the view will be drastically different than the view you’ll get when you jump in Long Island. While from Long Island you can still see a good part of the city from the air, this won’t be possible upstate – you’ll be much too far away.

On the other hand, when you go skydiving upstate, you’ll have a much greater opportunity to actually see some nature, something you definitely don’t get everyday in the city. The space you’ll have will be much more wide open, green (or orange, yellow and red if you time it just right) and for the right people, this can be a whole lot more desirable of a view than the cityscape which they’re already bored of seeing.

For something upstate, we definitely recommend looking at SkyDive The Ranch ( ). They are located in Gardiner, NY and the trip can make for an awesome excuse to get out of the city for the weekend or even longer. Just like all of the other skydiving facilities in the US, there should be no reason to have to worry about their safety record, but you should still do your research to make sure they haven’t had any accidents or anything else recently.

To get in contact with them, here is their info:

55 Sand Hill Road

Gardiner, NY 12525


So while NYC itself might not be a skydiving mecca, there are certainly a plethora of options within close distance to make any city inhabitant or visitor happy.

Have a great jump!

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