Skydive Naked

Can You Skydive Naked?

So let’s say you’ve already gone skydiving several times in the past. By that point, the thought of simply going skydiving might not even seem all that exciting to you anymore. For someone who has never gone skydiving before, it’s probably pretty difficult for them to ever imagine skydiving being something that could ever be “not exciting” but doing something extreme enough times will definitely allow it to lose its edge. That puts many experienced skydivers in a tough position. They got into skydiving for the adrenaline rush and excitement, but when that goes away, what do they do to bring back that feeling?

Many skydivers will at that point start to make skydiving even more risky. When you hear about skydiving accidents, it is usually not from beginners, but from experienced skydivers who took too much of a risk. Either they jumped when the weather wasn’t suitable for it, or they attempted risky maneuvers that were beyond their ability level. This often includes waiting until the very last second to pull their chute, and by that time, it’s too late. It’s a terrible way to go, all because you just needed a little extra thrill out of an already thrilling activity.

naked skydiving

So what can skydivers do to bring back the thrill?

One of the common methods, is to try naked skydiving. If you’ve never tried skydiving before, you might not even be able to fathom trying it naked, but for many people it seems like the best thing to try next. Also, beginner skydivers also often jump with a jumpmaster, and there’s just something strange about being naked while a stranger is strapped to your back.

Also, brand new skydivers have enough on their minds with the jump to be worried about what they look like naked on the way down.
There are definitely some things to consider though, before you make the leap (literally) into skydiving naked. While skydiving in the nude isn’t dangerous, there are still some precautions you are going to want to take.

The first thing to keep in mind, is that skydiving is very cold. Even fully clothed, skydiving is going to be very cold, and most skydiving facilities recommend you wear very warm clothing before you head up in the plane, to keep you warm with cold wind whipping against your skin. If you decide to do the whole thing naked, the element of cold is going to increase ten fold.

If you are going to attempt skydiving naked, then you should seriously consider doing it in an area that is fairly warm, during the summer time. Attempting to go skydiving naked during the winter might just be entirely too cold to be bearable. Also, we don’t want to get into too much detail, but shrinkage is always an issue for the guys.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that depending on where you are, you could get into some legal trouble for skydiving naked. Public nudity is definitely a crime in most places in the world, so you will certainly need to be careful about where you jump from, but more importantly, where you land. Before you get the idea drilled too deep into your head, you should call around to several different drop zones and see if any of them will actually be able to accommodate for your strange habit. Most of them will probably decline, but eventually you might find a drop zone who is willing to let you make the jump naked.

Since most of the areas you will be landing in will be sparsely populated, the chances of someone seeing you are quite low. Still, the companies don’t want to take the risk of someone seeing you, so you should definitely check with them before you become convinced that you’re going to be able to actually do it.

The types of people who skydive naked

Many people are known to skydive naked for a milestone jump. Once they hit their 50th, 100th or even 1,000th jump, they want to try something different and unique. And what’s more unique than jumping out of an airplane completely naked?

Other times, couples who are both experienced skydivers will jump naked. They will do it either as a romantic thing, or they might even do it as something special for their honeymoon.

Then, like we mentioned before, there are just the types of people of people who no longer see the excitement in skydiving normally, and search for that extra bit of thrill for doing in completely naked. It may not be for you, but it’s definitely for some people.

So, if you had the opportunity, would you skydive naked? Or is skydiving still thoroughly exciting enough for you that there’s no need to push things to that next level?

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