Skydiving in Argentina

If you are planning a vacation to Argentina you will probably be practicing your Spanish, thinking of the nice weather, the diversity of the culture and also maybe planning a trip to its capital city Buenos Aries, but, think about it more and why not give skydiving a try and take your first ever skydive there.

First time skydiving in Argentina

All skydiving facilities, or Drop Zones, as they are known, have to follow very strict safety protocols, so this ensures that even a first time skydiver can participate in this exhilarating experience.

Full training is provided, prior to making the skydive and the training program can vary depending on the Drop Zone, however it is usually a video or walk through of how to skydive and what to expect. It is important to watch and listen carefully as you will learn not only learn what to do, but, also how to deal with any highly unlikely emergency events that may arise such as the instructor passing out during free fall, for this, you will be taught what to do and how to release the parachute and ensure you both get back to ground safely. Also, you will be shown how to wear the equipment and safety clothing required for skydiving, this is not very comfortable, but is designed for your safety, so wear it as instructed. It can help to wear loose clothing underneath so that you can move and breathe easily. After the initial training session it is time to head off to the plane ready to make that first skydive!

There are so many amazing places to visit between your skydives in Argentina

There are so many amazing places to visit between your skydives in Argentina

Type of first time skydive available in Argentina

What is known as a Tandem Jump is the type of skydive usually offered to first time skydivers. With this type of jump, the instructor, known as a Jumpmaster, will be strapped to your back and you will jump from the plane together. Jumpmasters are fully trained and qualified, will have made no less than 500 previous skydives and are in full control of every Tandem Jump skydiving experience, they will release the parachute at the correct time, all you have to do is enjoy the experience.

When the plane is at the right altitude, the Jumpmaster will strap themselves to your back, which will initially feel very uncomfortable, however once you jump from the plane as one, that feeling will disappear because you will be in free fall and essentially weightless. It is at this point that many people have a change of heart and don’t want to jump from the plane, this perfectly normal reaction is something the Jumpmaster will be able to talk through with you and rationalize, they will understand and know whether it is just nerves and you need a little coaxing or whether you need to just be left to sit it out in the plane. They will never force someone who is clearly terrified to make the skydive, however, it is worth noting that should you decide not to skydive, you will still have to pay for the experience; also the Jumpmaster may take the opportunity to make a solo skydive leaving you to fly back to the Drop Zone alone. These factors in themselves can be enough of a motivation to banish those fears and make the jump after all and once you jump from the plane and experience the sheer exhilaration of free fall, you will wonder why you were ever nervous. After a short time of free fall, the Jumpmaster will release the parachute and the decent rate will decrease rapidly leaving you both to glide slowly down to the ground and giving you the perfect opportunity to really appreciate the magnificent view of Argentina below you. Many people enjoy it so much they immediately want to experience it all again and if the Drop Zone has time and availability, this may be possible, so if this is you, just go ahead and ask.

There is another type of skydive available to first time skydivers and this is best suited to the more adventurous and very daring individual, this is known as a Static Line Jump and is where you are tethered to the Jumpmaster by means of a long rope and you both jump out of the plane separately. This type of skydive is more expensive as it involves a longer training session and also two Jumpmasters, one tethered to you and one on the ground, with whom you will be in constant communication with by Walkie Talkie, observing wind speed and direction and guiding you safely back down to ground level. With a Static Line Jump, once you leap from the plane you will essentially be in control and will have to decide when to release the parachute, but obviously there is the backup of the other Jumpmaster tethered to you so that should you panic or forget how to release the parachute they will be able to release theirs which will slow the descent of both of you and ensure a safe landing.

Where are the skydiving facilities in Argentina

Although by now you are probably very keen to try skydiving in Argentina for yourself , before you book just take some time to check out the safety records of the Drop Zone you are interested in. All Drop Zones must record any incidences of safety breach and if there have been any they will probably have been shut down and reassessed, so just check they have a good safety history, your life will be in their hands after all!

Here are a couple of Drop Zones to get you started:

Skydive Chascomus (Buenos Aries)

Skydive Cordoba

Argentina has so much to offer, so why not book your holiday here and be sure to include skydiving in your itinerary. It will make for a memorable vacation and who knows you may enjoy it so much you may decide to skydive on a regular basis and look for Drop Zones in your home area.

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