Skydiving in Armenia

From the sky, everything is different

How can someone see and feel the whole beauty and the magic of this extraordinary country? Of course, only above from the skies. When you are free and light like a bird in the sky. Only there you can feel the real power of the rocks and the mountains, see all the shades of the green trails, breath the cleanest air in the world and enjoy your freedom.

Maybe each of you once happened to be in the plane and admire with the view opening from the plane’s round window. And now imagine, that there is no plane no window, open space and you.

Only you, freedom and of course, Selfie stick. How can you miss that moment?

Tandem skydivers taking a selfie

Besides an amazing culture and delicious food, Armenia also offers something exciting for travelers – extreme sports! For those of you interested in thrill-seeking, this is the perfect country to explore your passion in. Skydiving or paragliding in Armenia’s spectacular mountains and scenery will make you fall in love with this country!

History and details about skydiving in Armenia:

From May until November is the perfect time to get to experience your high-altitude hobby.

Parachute Armenia is your definite go-to!  The Armenian Parachute Sport Federation has been operating for roughly 80 years while it was officially registered in 2002 , with coaches willing to help you perform more complex jumps. The history of the first parachute flights goes back to 1930’s. During the Soviet Period in the capital of Armenia was created the first Aeroclub of Armenia in 1934.

The initiator of the club was mainly A. Khachatryan who participated in several training programs related to parachute-flying in Moscow.  The first demo flights were organized over Lake Sevan. After those flights, the club built some towers special for parachute jumping in the capital and in the third largest city, Vanadzor.

skydiving in the mountains of Armenia

Unfortunately, several years later  started The Great Patriotic War, in which the members of the club had participation. When the War was over, started the financial and economical crisis,  when was created the aero-technical club which aimed to develop this extreme sport again.

During 1965-1991 the national teams of man and women of Armenian parachute sport participated in all the tournaments of Soviet Union, as well as many international championships. In that period Yerevan aeroclub  prepared 23 sport masters, 1200 parachutist and 10000 beginners.

Nowadays the club also continues it’s functions developing this extreme sport among young people. Your jump destination will take place near Arzni airport, in Nor-Hachn (located in the Kotayk province). It’s about 11 miles (19 kilometers) from Yerevan. The flights usually take place in the mornings and last nearly 4 hours.

But before jump you need to pass several stages then be able to start your journey.

What do you need for Parachute jumping? There are two stages before a flight theoretical and practical.

As a rule, during theoretical stage the participants learn about some general facts about parachutes, it’s history, types and flight types.

skydive by a handicapped person

In the practical part already participants

  • Order the personal parachute with instructor’s help
  • Do exercises using training devices
  • Do the training of sequence of actions during the flight

Only after those exercises you will be able to do your personal jump

What’s even more popular in Armenia? Paragliding. In the recent years, many professional pilots visit here paragliding and exploring new flying destinations. Because this land is a very attractive destination for para-tourism due to 300 sunny days a year and convenient weather conditions for both independent and tandem flights.

Paragliding in Armenia

Paragliding offers you the chance to slow down, wide-eyed, and truly take in all your surroundings. It will also give you a chance to sightsee this beautiful country. And the best thing? You’ll get to see it from a totally unique perspective! There are many launch points in some of Armenia’s most beautiful locations, including Lake Sevan, Dilijan, Mount Atis, Aparan, and Buzhakan.

You can book paragliding guiding tours, with companies such as Sky Club. A 10-minute flight is 30,000 AMD, which is about $62. This includes transportation to the starting point, a pilot (who will also take photos), and a GoPro video of your flight! For those passionate about seeing Armenia from an elevated focal point, there is even an option for a cross-country flight! A 50 kilometer tandem flight (more than 30 miles!) can be booked, including transportation and GoPro filming for 85,000 AMD (about 176$).

Of course it is not possible to describe in words the whole beauty of skydiving in Armenia. You need to feel it. The memories , that won’t be forgotten ever, the feelings which will fill the life with new colors.

So Armenia waits for you.

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