Skydiving in Atlanta

If you’ve never taken a trip down to Atlanta, there’s a whole lot you might be missing out on. For one, Atlanta is the heart of the south in the US, and southern US culture is in full effect there. Whether you are looking to see a slower, more laid back pace of life, or you’re just into getting some down south cooking into your belly, you can find it in Atlanta. Not everything is laid back or slower paced in Atlanta though, because if it’s a party you’re looking for, they can certainly accommodate for that too.

These days though, more and more people are building in a skydiving experience into their trip to Atlanta. It might not be the first reason that would make you want to visit Atlanta, but it would definitely make the trip a whole lot more enjoyable and memorable. If you’ve been meaning to try skydiving for some time now, and you’re already planning on heading to Atlanta, we can’t see any reason not to do both at once.

Skydiving in Atlanta for first timers

When people are preparing to go skydiving, there are usually several thoughts buzzing through their head all at once. For the average person, a good percentage of those thoughts all revolve around safety. It makes sense, because the thought of jumping out of a plane seems to most people, to be completely unsafe.

Fortunately though, that couldn’t be any farther from the truth. In fact, it’s quite likely that you do things each and every day which are much more dangerous than skydiving. For example, you probably drive your car somewhere every day. Or you cross the street. Or you walk underneath a coconut tree. All of those things are much more dangerous than going skydiving.

It sounds hard to believe, but it’s quite true, statistically. On average, there are about 60 deaths a year due to skydiving. While that might sound like a lot, just think about how many jumps are performed each year, and realize it is a minuscule percentage of the people who participate in skydiving.

Another common misconception when it comes to skydiving accidents, is that it must be inexperienced beginners who get into accidents. This couldn’t be any farther from the truth though. In fact, it is almost exclusively experienced experts who have skydiving accidents. This is not only because they go skydiving much more often, but because they do risky things that are out of their ability level. They might jump on a day where the weather is bad, making it unnecessarily risky. Or they will do risky maneuvers, like waiting until the very last second to pull their parachutes. Both of these things would never happen to a beginner and they are both the two most common causes of skydiving accidents.

Stine mountain landmark in Atlanta

While you are in Atlanta why not take a trip to the Stone Mountain and see its granite carvings.

Familiarizing yourself with skydiving

When you head out to the drop zone for the first time, they won’t just put you right into a plane and send you flying. When you arrive, usually in the morning, you will go through a training session to bring you up to speed on everything you need to know about skydiving. Many places will have you watch a training video, although some facilities will prefer to have an instructor teaching you those things directly. Either way, the initial training will make you familiar with many of the concepts of skydiving.

They will also teach you what to do in case of an emergency. While emergencies very rarely happen in skydiving, it is still extremely important for you to know what to do in case one arises. Most first timers will be jumping with a jumpmaster, and if something is to happen to them on the way down, like they lose consciousness, you will need to know what to do.

They will go over all of the equipment and show you how to pull the parachute and how to know which point you need to pull the parachute at. Most of this will be information you will never need to use for your first jump. It will be very useful though if you ever plan to jump solo, and in the minuscule chance there is an emergency, it could be the information that saves your life.

They types of jumps for a first timer

When you jump for the first time, it will be very rare for you to jump all on your own. Instead, you will jump with a jumpmaster strapped onto your back with a harness. A jumpmaster is a professional skydiver who has completed over 500 jumps. Most jumpmasters though are well over 1,000 jumps, since they jump several times a day and jump in their free time as well.

When you get suited up, you will head up in the plane and prepare to jump. Your jumpmaster will then attach themselves to your back. It will feel kind of uncomfortable when standing, having someone attached to your back. Once you reach free fall though, it won’t feel so bad, because you’ll be essentially weightless.

If you are hesitant to jump, but definitely want to do it, your jumpmaster can give you a little push – literally. If you are scared out of your mind and want to turn back, they won’t push you – that would be cruel. If they can see your desire to jump and just lack the courage to do it on your own, then they can certainly help with that. They have helped hundreds of people go skydiving in the past, so they are good at gauging whether you truly want to go through with the experience or not.

Once you exit the plane, is the point where most people let all their fears go and start to have the time of their lives. There’s no turning back once you jump though, so your best bet is to just enjoy the free fall. There’s no feeling in the world like being weightless and speeding towards the ground in a free fall.

The best part about jumping with a jumpmaster, is you have nothing to worry about. Your jumpmaster will take care of everything until you reach the ground. If you want to do some spins and flips, they can help both of you maneuver them in just the right way. Once you reach the right altitude, they will be responsible for pulling the parachute. If for some reason the main parachute malfunctions, they will know exactly how to deploy the backup parachute.

Once the parachute has been deployed, your jumpmaster will be able to guide you safely down to the ground. Some people are disappointed to not be able to continue the free fall, while others enjoy the feeling of gliding down towards the ground. Either way, you’ll be able to relax knowing the jumpmaster has full control over the situation and that nothing bad can happen to you.

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, and want to try jumping without a jumpmaster strapped to you, you could always try a static line jump. This involves you jumping out of the airplane all on your own and you pulling your own parachute. Of course, as a first timer, you won’t be truly on your own. There will be at least one jumpmaster jumping at the same time as you. Instead of being strapped to your back though, they will be tethered to you by a strong rope. This is just in case you panic, or in case you don’t manage to pull your parachute in time. If that happens, they can pull their parachute, and since you are tethered to them, your descent will also slow down.

Once your parachute has been pulled, you will be communicating with a jumpmaster on the ground, who can help to guide you the rest of the way. It is definitely not for a first time skydiver who is at all apprehensive about jumping – it takes a great deal of courage to jump like this on your first time. Most people don’t start a static line until they have already jumped around 10 times.

Where to go skydiving in Atlanta

Hopefully by now, we have been able to convince you that not only is skydiving safe, but you should definitely include it in your next trip to Atlanta. If so, you’re probably wondering exactly where you can make your first jump. In reality, just about any skydiving facility in the US will be completely safe, as even one accident would see them shut down for good. That said, it still pays to do your homework when it comes to your own safety. We always recommend calling ahead before you show up at the drop zone, to check on a facility’s safety record and policies. As for individual facilities, we recommend the following ones:

Skydive Atlanta

2333 Delray Rd

Thomaston, Georgia 30286

Telephone: 1.800.950.JUMP (5867)





ASC Skydiving

Phone: 770-684-3483 or 1-800-607-5867



While skydiving in any part of the world is an amazing experience, if you’re already headed to Atlanta, you should definitely consider giving it a try there. Skydiving is an experience which you’ll remember for the rest of your life, and will make your trip to Atlanta memorable.

Just remember the check into the safety of the facility you decide on and pay careful attention to all the instructions they give you. Skydiving is a very safe sport, but in order for it to remain safe, you have to follow the proper safety instructions. Take care and happy jumping!

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