Skydiving in Austin

For most Texas residents, skydiving might not be high up on their list of things to do on the weekend, preferring to keep their two feet rooted firmly on the ground, but there are actually a plethora of options available for those who are a bit more adventurous. Especially if you’re located in Austin, Texas and feeling the urge to feel the wind in your hair (and not as you cruise around in a convertible), then you can definitely find the thrills you seek.

A high standard

Just like pretty much every other of the United States, skydiving in Austin, Texas is ultra-safe, with the operators all taking the necessary precautions to make sure their equipment is always in good, working condition before each and every jump. All of the operators in the area are fully certified to provide you the best skydiving experience possible.

All that said, it would be irresponsible of us to tell anyone to go skydiving without first doing their research into the safety record of the company in question. While we maintain that almost all of the companies in the US will provide you a safe experience, it would definitely be prudent for you to do your own research before driving out to the drop zone or going up in the plane. It’s your life that’s at stake and while accidents are extremely rare, you want to feel fully confident before you put your life in their hands.

Skydiving in Austin

One of the best parts about skydiving in Austin, Texas, is that a person with absolutely no experience can be up in the plane ready to make their first jump within a few hours of arriving at the drop zone. While some might feel that it would be unsafe to allow a completely inexperienced jumper to go skydiving with so little in the way of training, it is actually a very professional and efficient system.

When you show up at the drop zone as a beginner, they will immediately begin your training session. They will introduce you to all the equipment, teach you how to put it all on and what to do if anything is to go wrong in the air. Don’t worry though, because it’s very rare that things actually do go wrong, they just want to make sure you’re prepared. Depending on the facility, you might also watch some videos about skydiving safety to get you even more prepared.

While all of that sounds good for keeping you safe, it’s nothing compared to the biggest thing keeping you safe – your jumpmaster. As a first time skydiver, even if you attended an all day training session, there is no way they would just let you jump out of the plane on your own while saying “good luck!” The skydiving industry would have collapsed long ago if that was the way they went about things. Instead, you will be strapped to a jumpmaster, a person with at least 500 jumps (but usually well over 1,000) under their belt. They will quite literally be strapped to your back and there to make sure nothing goes wrong.

With the jump master strapped to you, you don’t have to worry about a single thing besides having a good time on your free fall. You don’t even have to worry about having the courage to actually jump out of the plane, the jumpmaster can give you a push if need be. If you are truly terrified once you get up there and have a change of heart, your jumpmaster won’t be cruel enough to push you out of the plane, but if they know you are just hesitant, they will be more than willing to give you the nudge you really need.

Once you exit the plane, all the operations will be handled by your jumpmaster. Everything from guiding you down to pulling the parachute at the exact right time will be all up to them, a good thing because no matter how much training you’ve been through, most people would freeze up if they were actually in charge of pulling the chute on their own for their first jump. If in the rare event that the first chute were to fail, the jumpmaster will be able to pull the second chute and adjust accordingly for everything. All you have to do is keep your eyes open and enjoy the ride.


As for actual locations where you can go skydiving in the Austin area, we can definitely recommend Skydive San Marcos as one of the most reputable companies in the area. They have a great safety record and have been doing this for years. All of their jumpmasters are fully trained and certified, and know exactly what they’re doing at all times.

They are actually located in Fentress, Texas and not right in the city of Austin itself, but that is quite normal for skydiving. It is rare that a city’s drop zone is located right within the city, since they need to have a lot of wide open space to accommodate for the landing. Still, it’s not too far out of Austin, just leave your house in the morning and by the afternoon, you’ll be up in the air ready for your upcoming free fall. To get in touch with them and inquire about their safety records are to schedule a jump, you can contact them using the details below:

Skydive San Marcos

Hwy 80 South, Fentress Airpark

Fentress, TX 78622

Phone: 512 488 2214

If you’ve been considering going skydiving but the concept of jumping out of a plane still scares the living daylights out of you, then lucky for you, Austin also has the facilities to prepare you and make you more confident. We are talking about none other than indoor skydiving, a fairly recent phenomenon and something that’s not available in many places in the world, so having it available in Austin is definitely a plus.

Indoor skydiving sounds impossible to most people, knowing what they do about skydiving. Indoor skydiving is not really skydiving at all though. Instead, indoor skydiving is a wind tunnel, a tall, cylindrical tower that has a large fan located in the bottom, which is strong enough to keep the person inside airborne inside of the tunnel.

The reason it gained the name indoor skydiving, is because it so closely mimics the feel of free falling that it is often used to prepare people for their first real jump. An apprehensive skydiver will go into the wind tunnel and get half of the experience of skydiving – feeling the same wind resistance against them and getting a feel for what the free fall really feels like. Most people enjoy their time in the wind tunnel so much, they can’t wait to go and try skydiving for real, which is a much bigger adrenaline boost.

To get started with indoor skydiving in Austin, we definitely recommend iFly Indoor Skydiving in Austin. iFly has facilities in many cities in the United States, and Austin just happens to be one of them.

One thing that we will say about indoor skydiving though, is that it is mush more expensive than traditional skydiving. It might seem crazy that it’s more expensive than taking a trip in a plane, but all that indoor skydiving equipment is very expensive. We only really recommend indoor skydiving to people who really want to go skydiving, but are still scared about the concept.

If you already feel fairly confident about going skydiving, then we recommend you skip indoor skydiving and go straight for the real thing. It will save you money and be a much bigger rush all at the same time. You may still want to give indoor skydiving a try  at a later date, but unless you need the confidence boost, you’re much better off with the traditional skydiving options in Austin.

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