Skydiving in Bulgaria

The mountain ranges, remote villages and sandy beaches, make Bulgaria a popular holiday destination. However, what about skydiving here? Bulgaria is the perfect location to give skydiving a try and see the impressive views of its landscape.

First time skydiving in Bulgaria

Because all skydiving facilities the world over have to follow strict safety guidelines, even first time skydivers can go along to what is known as a drop zone and make their first ever skydive. The training procedure can be a video or just a walkthrough of what will happen and contains vital information not only on what will happen during the skydive, but also what to do in the unlikely event of an emergency, ie if the instructor were to faint during free fall, the responsibility of releasing the parachute would then be yours, so pay full attention.

The clothing and equipment required for skydiving can be uncomfortable, but is designed safety in mind and it helps to wear loose comfortable clothing underneath for ease of movement.

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What type of skydive is available to a first timer in Bulgaria?

No matter what the location, the usual type of skydive that most first time skydivers are offered is what is known as a tandem jump. With this type of skydive, the instructor, or jumpmaster as they are known in the trade, is strapped to your back and you skydive together as one being. A jumpmaster is a fully qualified individual who has completed at least 500 previous skydives and who knows exactly to do.

Once the plane is at the correct altitude for skydiving the instructor will strap themself to your back, before you both jump out of the plane together. After a brief time of free fall the instructor will release the parachute and the descent rate will slow rapidly allowing you to really appreciate the beauty of the Bulgarian scenery below you.

Tandem skydives are the most popular choice for first time skydivers, however, for the braver individual there is also the option of what is known as a static line jump, this is where you are tethered to the instructor by a long rope and you both jump out of the plane separately. With this type of skydive you release the parachute once the correct altitude is reached, but you have the backup of the instructor in the event that you forget how to or panic and they will release their parachute instead. You will also be in contact with a second instructor on the ground monitoring wind speed and direction to ensure a safe landing.

Where are the skydiving facilities in Bulgaria?

Now that you know more about skydiving in Bulgaria and want to book a session, first check the safety records for your chosen venue; after all you are placing your life in their hands.

Two suggestions to help:

AVA Flying Centre
Tel: +3599 6300 235

Skydive Sofia
Tel: +359-0700-44445

Skydiving in Bulgaria, it will be a decision you won’t regret but will always remember.

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