Skydiving in Cyprus

Cyprus with its hot, sunny weather, beautiful sandy beaches and clear blue sea is a really beautiful country and that coupled with the friendliness of the people and the enchanting scenery, make it a popular vacation choice for many, however, the perfect weather also makes it an ideal venue for skydiving and gives a chance to view this lush country like never before.

First time skydiving in Cyprus

Because all skydiving facilities, or Drop Zones as they are known, have to follow strict safety protocols and this ensures that even a first time skydiver can take a skydive here.

All Drop Zones have their own training methods but these usually comprise of a video or walkthrough of the procedure given by the skydiving instructor, who is known as a Jumpmaster. You will be taught how to make the skydive and also what to do in the event of an emergency situation ie if the Jumpmaster were to faint during free fall you would then need to take over and release the parachute to ensure you both got back to the ground safely; although this is a highly unlikely event, you need to have the knowledge to know what to do if it did.

You will also be shown and learn how to wear, the skydiving clothing and equipment. Whilst this is not particularly comfortable, it is important to wear it as instructed as it has been designed with your safety in mind. It helps to wear loose, comfortable clothing underneath which allows unrestricted movement and ease of breathing. The next step will then be to go the plane ready to take off and make that first ever skydive.

Cyprus is famous for its quaint taverns with amazing culinary delights.

Cyprus is famous for its quaint taverns with amazing culinary delights.

What type of skydive can I take on my first time?

First time skydivers, usually take what is known as a Tandem Jump, this is where the Jumpmaster is securely strapped to your back and when the plane is at the correct altitude, you jump from the plane as one, they will then do everything necessary to ensure the perfect skydive. You can just enjoy the experience as for a Jumpmaster to become fully qualified they have to have undertaken rigorous training and completed at least 500 previous skydives. When the Jumpmaster initially straps themselves to your back, it will feel very uncomfortable, however this feeling will pass once you jump from the plane and are in free fall, both of you then become essentially weightless.

Many people at this point have second thoughts and don’t want to jump from the plane, this is a perfectly normal reaction and one the Jumpmaster will be able to talk you through. They are experienced enough to know whether you really do want to jump, but are just nervous about the open space beneath you, or, whether you are genuinely too terrified and just want to stay in the plane. It is worth noting, that should you decide to stay in the plane, you will still be charged the same price for the experience. This is because you will already have received the training and used up the time of the plane and the Jumpmaster, also the Jumpmaster may well decide to perform a solo skydive leaving you to fly back to the Drop Zone alone and these two factors combined can be enough of a motivator to spur you on to actually make the skydive after all.

Once you have actually jumped from the plane those nervous feelings will disappear in the sheer exhilaration of free fall as you feel the air rushing past you; free fall only lasts a short while, so enjoy the feeling. Once the Jumpmaster releases the parachute, the descent rate will slow rapidly and as you descend back to the ground now is the time to really appreciate the beauty and splendor of Cyprus laid out beneath you. On landing, many people find they have enjoyed the experience so much they want to immediately repeat it, this can be a possibility depending on time and availability, just ask.

There is another type of first time skydive available, this is known as a Static Line Jump, there is more training involved and it is also more expensive as it involves two Jumpmasters. It is really only recommended for the most outgoing, daring and adventurous types as it is the nearest to a solo skydive you can experience on a fist time skydive.For this type of skydive, you are attached to one Jumpmaster by a long rope and the other Jumpmaster is on the ground, in communication with you by Walkie Talkie. They will be monitoring wind speed and direction and will guide you both back to the ground in the safest way. You and the other Jumpmaster will jump out of the plane separately and you will have the responsibility of releasing the parachute, with the rope between you will ensuring that your descent rate is matched. The other Jumpmaster is there for backup in the event that you panic or forget what to do in any way and they would then release their own parachute and ensure you both landed safely.

Where can I skydive in Cyprus?

Now that you have read about skydiving in Cyprus, hopefully you will be really keen to try it for yourself, but before you book anything, just take a few minutes to check out the safety records of your chosen venue. All skydiving facilities have to follow strict guidelines and any breaches of safety have to be logged, they may even cause shut down and reassessment of a facility, so check that they have an unblemished record. Remember that you are literally placing your life in their hands.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

The Cyprus Parachute Centre

Kingsfield Airfield, Dhekelia

So why not make that vacation to Cyprus even more exciting and memorable and take the opportunity to give skydiving a go. With everything else Cyprus has to offer, you will have a fantastic and unforgettable time.

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