Skydiving in Dubai

Have you ever been to Dubai before? The large majority of people haven’t but they might already have some sort of idea of what a vacation in Dubai would be like. They would expect to see flashy Arabic culture on display, clean streets, fancy cars and some of the world’s tallest buildings. What they wouldn’t expect to see on that list, is skydiving.

We’ll be quite honest, Dubai is far from what most skydivers would call the ultimate skydiving destination. At the same time though, there are many reasons why skydiving in Dubai is a great experience, whether you’ve been skydiving before or not.

If you can’t think of any reasons why skydiving in Dubai would be awesome, then we suggest you open up ol’ Mr. Google and find a few pictures of Dubai, especially those taken from above. Whether or not you see Dubai to be a suitable vacation destination, one thing remains undisputed – Dubai looks really unique and strangely beautiful.

It’s partly a mixture of those super-modern skyscrapers all over the city. It’s partly because of the ocean, with man-made beaches. Some people despise man made beaches, but it’s hard to get upset when you see just how beautiful they’ve managed to make them all. Now, just imagine yourself 12,000 feet above it all. The view gets pretty stunning up there.

Another cool thing about skydiving in Dubai, is that Dubai is so small, you can pretty much see the whole urban area from up above. Try skydiving anywhere in the US and being able to say that you saw an entire area in just one jump. You’d have to use a spaceship to get high enough to see the whole US in one go, and it will still be quite a while until the average person is able to skydive from space – only two people have done it successfully to date.

Is it safe to skydive in Dubai?

Chances are, you’re asking this question not because you think skydiving may be dangerous, but because you’re apprehensive about traveling to Dubai. The media has certainly made the Arab world look like a dangerous place, and most people simply don’t know where they can and can’t travel safely to.

Rest assured though, Dubai is not like Iraq or Afghanistan, where you would have real reason for concern when traveling there. There are no wars being waged in Dubai. In fact, this ultra-modern city is probably one of the safest places you could vacation in. We would certainly rate it as being more safe than a city like Los Angeles or NYC – the crime rates are virtually nonexistent when compared to those cities.

Others may be concerned with the Muslim culture, which is in full effect in Dubai. To that, we say Dubai is an excellent place to get a feel for what Muslim culture is actually like. If you have any preconceived notions about what Muslims are like, Dubai may just surprise you by showing you how different reality is compared to what you might have expected. Dubai is truly a first world city with some of the richest people in the world – and the culture is definitely one to be appreciated.

As for the safety of skydiving in Dubai, there should be no problems. While we would never recommend anyone to jump without first doing their research about safety, Dubai has an excellent reputation in that area. Everything is very highly regulated in Dubai, meaning there is no way skydiving operators would ever be able to get away with doing anything that’s unsafe. All equipment is meticulously checked before each jump, and professionals should be standing by to answer any questions you might have.

Dubai skydiving

If you like clear blue skies, skydiving in a place like Dubai will not disappoint!

Do I need to be experienced to skydive in Dubai?

Not at all, but it’s a great place for experienced skydivers as well. If you’ve never gone skydiving before, you can simply show up in the morning and be in the air by the afternoon. When you arrive, you’ll undergo a training process that shows you how to put on your gear, as well as what to do in case of an emergency. It is highly unlikely there will be an emergency, but it’s good to know what to do just in case.

Of course, they wouldn’t just let a brand new skydiver jump out of the plane on their own after a couple short hours of training. Beginner skydivers will jump with a jumpmaster literally strapped to their back the whole way down. A jumpmaster is an experienced and certified skydiver with over 500 jumps under their belt, although the large majority of jumpmasters have done well over 1,000 jumps.

If you’re already more of an advanced skydiver, then Dubai is also an excellent place. Skydivers are constantly looking for new thrills, and diving over the same things over and over again can become boring. Yes, even something as exhilarating as skydiving can become boring when you’ve done it that many times over the same type of scenery.

The type of views on offer in Dubai though are totally unique, enough to make even the most jaded skydiver renew their love for the free fall all over again. Just imagine being higher than some of the tallest buildings in the world, all while looking down at a perfectly planned beach. It’s an epic jump for sure.

Where to go skydiving in Dubai

While Dubai does make for an excellent place to go skydiving, there aren’t all that many skydiving operators there to help you do so. In fact, there’s really only one major one to choose from, but that’s OK because they have an excellent reputation. They are:

Skydive Dubai


They actually have two separate locations, one in The Palms and one in the Desert, although only the one in The Palms is meant for beginners. Their location in the desert is reserved for licensed and experienced jumpers only, so beginners won’t get the training or help necessary in the desert to make their first jump a successful one.

While the desert location is meant for experienced skydivers, if you’re getting bored of more of the same types of views, a jump over a desert probably won’t sound all that exciting to you. If that’s the case, then we definitely recommend just going straight for The Palms, to see everything Dubai has to offer from up above.

So if you’ve been in Dubai for some time now, whether for work or pleasure, or you’re considering heading there on vacation, don’t discount skydiving as something to keep you busy while you’re there in the city. In one of the world’s most modern cities, there are still options to get you airborne and free falling.

With some of the most stunning views in the world, and a very interesting and unique culture in a place that’s totally safe, Dubai makes a great getaway, whether you plan on skydiving or not.

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