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If you have never visited India before, it is truly one of greatest wonders of the world, all on its own. Traveling through India is an experience like no other, and one that you will likely not forget about soon after leaving. In fact, most visitors to India say they aren’t able to fully comprehend what they’ve experienced there, until long after they’ve already left the country.

India is many things. It’s hot, dirty, hectic, and overcrowded. While those all might sound like negative things, it all adds to the fun and uniqueness of one of the world’s oldest cultures. To counterbalance the perceived negatives of India though, it is also culturally rich, beautiful and with some of the world’s most explosive cuisines.

Different people have many different reasons for going to India. Some go there to find themselves, staying in ashrams while learning how to meditate. Others go for the cultural experience, and to learn more about the religion of Hindu. Others go simply because they’ve been everywhere else and they want to travel through a place that will actually still challenge them.

Then there’s a small minority of people who go for another reason entirely: skydiving.

Some things you should about skydiving in India

If you are planning to go skydiving in India, first off – bravo! Before you just hop on a plane (the regular kind) and head over there though, skydiving in India is something you’ll really want to do your homework on.

While we always recommend people to check into the safety records of any skydiving company before jumping, if you are jumping in North America then there’s a 99.8% chance that everything will be just fine regardless. The same can’t be said for India. We don’t want to go too deep into the differences between India and the western world, but to say that quality control in India is a much different concept compared to how it it exists in North America would be an understatement.

For example, if you typed “skydiving in” followed by the name of a major US or Canadian city into Google, the results you will be met with are likely recommendations on companies with whom you can skydive with, or web pages for the companies themselves. It’s quite rare for those search results to return news stories of casualties from people skydiving in those cities.

Typing “skydiving in India” into Google produces quite the opposite effect. A large percentage of the results returned are news stories of people (both local and foreigner) experiencing skydiving accidents in India, usually resulting in death. It’s almost enough to turn any rational person off from ever going skydiving in India at all.

Is skydiving in India unsafe?

Yes and no. Skydiving in India can be extremely unsafe, but it doesn’t have to be. The problem lies in the unfortunate habit of many tour companies in India placing more focus on making a booking, than on the safety of their customers. There are countless stories of overloaded tourist buses crashing among many other accidents that could have been easily avoided had a bit more thought been put into quality control.

Now that said, this is not true of ALL tour operators in India, just some of them. To answer the question of “is skydiving in India unsafe?” again, a more thorough answer would be:

Skydiving with a random skydiving operator in India can be extremely unsafe. Skydiving with a reputable, trusted skydiving operator in India is every bit as safe as it would be anywhere else in the world.

As we said earlier, we always advise people to check into the safety records of any operator before jumping with them. Many people don’t do this in North America and go skydiving successfully without issue. In India however, it is absolutely 100% essential that you do your research before jumping.

We would go one step further and say that your research and information about a particular company’s safety record should not come from the companies themselves. While this should go without saying, it needs to be re-iterated. Like many tour operators all over the world, many skydiving operators in India will tell you absolutely everything they think you need to hear in order to coax you into buying a tour or package from them. When doing your research for reputable companies in India, you must rely on third-parties to verify the safety records of a company.

It’s not all bad though

We definitely aren’t trying to scare you away, because there are some incredible views of India from above to be had, and there are a number of safe, reputable skydiving operators you could jump with. We also don’t mean to paint a negative picture of India or their tourism infrastructure. We couldn’t in good conscience though, talk about skydiving in India without talking about the inherent risks that come along with jumping with any old company.

If you’ve been able to stomach all this so far, and are still interested in partaking in one of the world’s most extreme sports in one of the world’s most extreme destinations, you’re probably wondering which companies are actually safe to jump with. Fortunately for you, we have a couple we can recommend based on their proven safety records. They are:

Sky Riders

18,19, Pocket 2, sector 25

Rohini, Delhi 110085

Phone: +91 995 829 7097



Life in India Holiday Adventure

H-2 Model Town-III

New Delhi

Phone: +91 925 090 6390


Keep in mind though, India is a massive country and has the second highest population in the world. The above recommendations we listed are only for the capital city of New Delhi and there is a good chance that you will want to make your skydiving experience happen in the countryside, not over the bustling city of New Delhi.

If that’s the case, then we can’t stress enough that you need to perform due diligence on the company in question. Beware of new skydiving operators with not much experience and no one who can verify their safety – in fact, avoid those ones entirely. Again, we aren’t trying to scare you and we maintain the fact that skydiving in India can be an incredible experience. It is just 100% essential that you verify the safety records of the company before you jump with them. This applies everywhere in the world, but especially in a place where safety regulations can often be compromised. It’s your own life, but we highly recommend doing your research and spending the extra amount to keep yourself safe.

Happy jumping!

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