Skydiving in Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, has so much to offer with its beautiful mosques, tea gardens, restaurants and the general friendliness of the Turkish culture that it may not be a destination you would initially think of for skydiving. However, taking a skydive in Istanbul gives you the opportunity to really see and appreciate the splendors the city has to offer.

First time skydiving in Istanbul

All skydiving facilities, or Drop Zones as they are known, have to follow strict safety guidelines and procedures thus allowing even a first time skydiver to go to Istanbul and make a skydive.

Every Drop Zone has their own way of delivering the skydiving training, this can be anything from showing a video to a walk-through of the whole procedure. It is important to watch and listen carefully as the training is there to allow you to make the skydive and also give you the knowledge to deal with any emergencies that may arise ie the instructor were to lose consciousness during free fall and although this is extremely unlikely you would need to know what to do and how to release the parachute to ensure both of you got back to the ground safely.

For you to be able to make a skydive, you must wear specialist clothing and equipment, this, whilst not particularly comfortable, has been designed with safety in mind so you need to wear it as instructed, however, it helps to wear loose comfortable clothing underneath which allows freedom of movement and easy breathing.

After you have completed the training session and are wearing the gear, the next step is to get in the plane and take off for the experience of a lifetime!

Type of first time skydive available in Istanbul

First time skydivers are usually offered a Tandem Jump type of skydive, this is where you and the instructor, or Jumpmaster as they are known, is strapped to your back and you jump out of the plane and make the skydive as one. Jumpmasters have experience of at least 500 previous skydives and are fully trained and qualified in all aspects of skydiving, they will be in charge of the whole experience and all you have to do is just enjoy it.

Once the plane is at the right altitude, the Jumpmaster will strap themselves to your back ready to jump and although this will initially feel very heavy, once you have actually jumped from the plane and are in free fall you will no longer notice it as you will both be essentially weightless.

It is at the point of jumping that many people experience second thoughts and decide they don’t want to skydive after all. This is a perfectly normal reaction, however the Jumpmaster will have the experience to know how to deal with this and can tell whether a person just needs a little physical encouragement or whether they are indeed genuinely too afraid to jump. It is worth mentioning that even if you decide not to jump, you will still have to pay for the experience as the time for both the plane and Jumpmaster will already have been utilized, also the Jumpmaster may well decide to make a solo skydive leaving you to make the flight back to the Drop Zone alone. Both of these factors can be enough of a motivator to persuade someone to go ahead and make the jump after all.

If you go skydiving at Istanbul, be sure to visit the Blue Mosque.

If you go skydiving at Istanbul, be sure to visit the Blue Mosque.

Any feelings of fear will soon vanish after you jump and start to experience free fall, the wonderful feel of the wind rushing past you will be over all too quickly when the Jumpmaster releases the parachute and the rate of descent will slow rapidly. This is the best time to really look around you and see the full splendor of Istanbul like never before. If you have really enjoyed the experience, once you are back on the ground you may decide you immediately want to repeat it and this may be a possibility depending on time and availability of the plane and Jumpmaster, so, the best thing to do is ask.

There is another type of skydive available to first time skydivers known as a Static Line Jump, it is however more expensive and involves longer training, most importantly it is really only best suited to the really adventurous adrenalin rush loving types as it is the nearest experience to solo skydiving a first time sky diver can have. A Static Line jump involves two Jumpmasters, one tethered to you by a long rope and one on the ground in contact by Walkie Talkie, you and the Jumpmaster tethered to you both jump out of the plane separately and you have the responsibility of releasing your own parachute at the right time. This Jumpmaster is there for backup in case you panic or just forget what to do, they would then release their parachute and this would then allow you both to safely get back to the ground. The second Jumpmaster on the ground monitors wind speed and direction and directs and guides you back down to the ground in the safest way.

What skydiving facilities are there in Istanbul

Having read about skydiving in Istanbul, hopefully you will want to give it a try yourself. Before you make any firm bookings though, just check out the safety records of a couple of Drop Zones you are interested in. All facilities have to keep safety records and any breaches of safety have to be recorded and can cause a facility to be shut down and reassessed, so check that your chosen site has a clean safety record, you are putting your life in their hands after all

Here are a couple of Drop Zones to temp you.

Turkish Aeronautical Association

Istanbul is a beautiful and captivating city with much to offer, so why not take your vacation there and be sure to involve skydiving in your itinerary; the experience will create unforgettable memories which will last a lifetime.

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