Skydiving in Melbourne

The beautiful and exciting city of Melbourne attracts millions of visitors each year, there is so much to do and see, but, whilst you are there, why not try skydiving. The warm weather and the compelling scenery combined with all of its other attractions, make Melbourne an ideal vacation location and the perfect place to make that all important first skydive.

First time skydiving in Melbourne

All skydiving centers or Drop Zones, as they are known, have to follow strict safety protocols that enable even a first time skydiver to learn how to skydive and be able to make the leap, all in the same day.

All Drop Zones have their own method of training, but usually it comprises of a video or a walk-through and the instructor, or Jumpmaster as they are known, will demonstrate the whole procedure. You will also learn what to do in the event of an emergency situation such as the instructor fainting during free fall. Although this is a highly unlikely occurrence, you need to know how to deal with it should it arise, as you would then have to release the parachute and get you both back down safely and just knowing that you have the knowledge to deal with such a situation is reassuring in itself.

You will also be shown the skydiving clothing and equipment and how to wear it, it is worth noting that although it is not particularly comfortable it has been designed with your safety in mind. It helps to wear loose, comfortable clothing underneath that allows freedom of movement and easy breathing, now is not the time for anything tight or restrictive.

The next step is to head to the plane and take off ready to make that first ever skydive!

If you go to Melbourne for some skydiving make sure you visit this little guy!

If you go to Melbourne for some skydiving make sure you visit this little guy!

The types of jumps available to a first timer in Melbourne

For first time skydivers, the most common type of skydive offered is what is known as a Tandem Jump. This is where the Jumpmaster is strapped to your back and you both jump out of the plane as one, they will then be in complete control of the whole skydive. The Jumpmaster will be fully trained and qualified, will have previously completed at least 500 skydives and will have all the skills and knowledge to ensure that your first skydive is a safe and memorable experience.

Once the plane reaches the right altitude the Jumpmaster will check the equipment and then strap themselves to your back, it will initially feel very heavy but once you jump from the plane and are in free fall you will both be essentially weightless so you won’t feel it any more.

It is at the point of jumping that many people have second thoughts and change their minds about jumping. This reaction is perfectly normal and the Jumpmaster has probably experienced it themselves on their first skydive. They will talk you through these feelings and will know whether you are just a little apprehensive and may need a little physical help or whether you have truly changed your mind and just want to go back to the Drop Zone. Should you decide not to make the skydive however, you will still have to pay for the experience because the both the Jumpmasters time and the planes time will have already have been used. Also the Jumpmaster may well decide to make a solo jump so you may have to fly back to the Drop Zone alone and these two factors can be enough to motivate a person to actually go ahead and make the skydive after all.

Any fears you do have will vanish as soon as you jump out of the plane and start to experience free fall, the feeling of the air rushing past you is quite unique and enjoyable. The Jumpmaster will be in control of the skydive and after a short time of free fall will release the parachute and the descent rate will slow and this is now the time to really look at and appreciate the full splendor of Melbourne laid out beneath your feet.

Once you are back on the ground, you may have enjoyed the experience so much that you want to do it again immediately and depending on availability and time for the plane and Jumpmaster this may be a possibility, so just ask.

For anyone who is really daring and truly enjoys an adrenalin rush, there is another type of skydive available to first timers. This is known as a Tandem Skydive, it involves two instructors and is therefore more expensive and has more training. With this type of skydive you are attached to the Jumpmaster by means of a long rope, you both jump out of the plane separately and you are responsible for releasing the parachute yourself. The Jumpmaster however, is there in case you panic or just forget how and what to do. You are in contact with the second Jumpmaster on the ground by Walkie Talkie who will be monitoring wind speed and direction and will help to guide you both back down in the safest possible way.

Where can I skydive in Melbourne?

Now that you have read about how incredible an experience, skydiving in Melbourne can be, hopefully you are keen to book a vacation there and try it out for yourself. Before you rush to book though, it pays to just check out your chosen venue. All Drop Zones have to follow strict safety protocols and keep safety records, any breach of safety can cause a site to be shut down and investigated, so just make sure the one you choose has an unblemished record, remember that you are placing your life in their hands.

Here are a couple of places to check out:

Melbourne Skydive Centre

Melbourne – St Kilda Skydiving

So why not make you vacation in Melbourne a truly memorable one and include skydiving in your itinerary; it will be an experience you will never forget.

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