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Miami is a city where it’s pretty difficult to become bored in. There’s so much to do between the beaches and nightlife that many people who go to Miami for just a few days wind up wanting to stay for a whole lot longer. Even with all the things there are to do in Miami to keep you busy, there is one that is much more infrequently talked about, but definitely deserves a bit of attention. We are talking of course, about none other than skydiving.

Just go for it!

Whether you live in Miami full time, or are just there on vacation, there are plenty of great opportunities there to get you up in the air and into your first free fall. One of the common misconceptions about skydiving is that you should do it close to home, because you’ll need to go through several weeks of training before being allowed to jump. That’s not the case at all though, and skydiving while on vacation is perfectly possible. In fact, you could even make a sudden decision to go skydiving when you make up in the morning and have your first jump under your belt before mid-afternoon.

To some people, this may sound entirely unsafe, allowing inexperienced jumpers to take to the skies with so little training, but it is all taken care of in a manner that is more than safe. In fact, in many ways, jumping as beginner is much more safe than jumping as an experienced skydiver. How could this be, though?

The main thing is, as a beginner skydiver, you will be participating in a tandem jump with a jumpmaster. Even if you go as a couple and are determined to do a tandem jump together, that simply won’t be possible. There is no way they would ever let two inexperienced skydivers jump in a tandem jump together without a jumpmaster – that would be incredibly irresponsible.

Instead, for your first jump, you will literally have a professional skydiver strapped to your back for the entire experience. This might not seem like the funnest way to experience your first dive, but it certainly sounds a whole lot better than being injured or killed on the way down, doesn’t it?

When you arrive at the drop zone (the skydiver’s term for the place where you will jump), you will check in and begin initial briefings for the day that you have ahead of you. Every facility is different and will have a different way of getting you up to speed, and teaching you the basics. Some will show you instructional videos and some will have an instructor going over the basics with you.

Just about all of them though will have you actually try on the equipment before they let you anywhere near the airplane. This is to give you an idea of how it all fits and how it all works. You would be wise to wear loose, comfortable and warm clothing. It might seem strange to have to bring warm clothing in Miami, but trust us, it’s a whole lot colder once you’re 12,000 feet above the city and the last thing you want on your mind during the free fall is how cold you are.

See the sights of Miami from a whole new angle when you sky dive...

See the sights of Miami from a whole new angle when you sky dive…

As for the jumpmaster, each person in your group will be assigned one. This person will have your life in their hands, so you better get used to trusting them, and quick. There’s no reason to worry though, as this person has all the skydiving experience necessary to make you feel confident. A jumpmaster by definition is a certified skydiver with over 500 jumps under their belt. Most jumpmasters however, except very new jumpmasters, will have well over 1,000 jumps on their record.

You will fly up in the plane with your jumpmaster, who will be strapped to your back, and can even give you a push if you’re too nervous to actually hurl yourself out of the plane on your own. Once you’re in free fall mode, all you have to do is enjoy the view and adrenaline rush. Even people who are scared silly tend to start to enjoy the whole experience after just a couple seconds in free fall. With the jumpmaster strapped to your back, there’s nothing at all for you to worry about, as they will take care of everything.

Depending on how adventurous you are, your jumpmaster might do some barrel rolls or other fun maneuvers, but the most important part is them keeping an eye on all the equipment. Once you reach a certain elevation, it will be up to your jumpmaster to pull the chute, and then to guide the two of you with the open parachute down to the ground safely. If, in the rare event that the parachute doesn’t open, they will also know exactly what to do to get the backup chute opened, and the two of you down to safety.

While skydiving might sound dangerous in theory, skydiving under the supervision is actually much safer than walking across the parking lot at Wal-Mart. You don’t get apprehensive about going to Wal-Mart for a quick shopping trip do you? Most people don’t and if they do, well then an activity like skydiving is not very well suited for them anyways.

Or, sky dive solo…

If it is your first time skydiving, and you are determined to jump without a jumpmaster strapped to your back, that is possible as well, but in a way that is different than you might be thinking – they won’t just let you jump all on your own on your first time. Instead, you will go through a very extensive training program lasting the whole day, as they’ll need to teach you how to pull your parachute all on your own. While you won’t be strapped to a jumpmaster, you will be tethered to one (sometimes two) with a long rope. They do this so just in case you don’t pull your chute correctly, they can pull theirs and you will go along in the slower descent with them.

After your chute has been pulled, you will then be guided down to the ground by another jumpmaster via a walkie talkie. Steering yourself in midair will feel very strange at first, but under the jumpmaster’s instructions, you should do just fine.

Where to sky dive in Miami

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of how your first jump will go, you’re likely interested in where exactly in Miami you can go for such an experience. Our first recommendation is none other than Skydive Miami. They have been operating in the Miami area for several years, have an excellent safety record and all their jumpmasters are certified and highly professional.

To get in contact with them for more information or to book a jump, you can use the details below:

Address: 28730 S.W. 217 Avenue • Homestead, Florida  33030

Phone: (305) – SKYDIVE (759 – 3483)

Toll Free: 1 – 800 – SKYDIVE (759 – 3483)


Another facility we can recommend is called Miami Skydiving Center, who offers an equally professional service with equally as competent jumpmasters. Just about all operators in the US offer this high level of experience and quality, so it’s all about contacting them and deciding which one you feel most comfortable with.

To get in contact with Miami Skydiving Center, use the details below:

Miami Skydiving Center

14005 Southwest 127th Street

Miami, FL 33186

Phone:  (305) 235-3483


While the first of our recommendations is a little bit outside of Miami, Miami Skydiving Center is only about 20 minutes out of downtown, meaning you can get a better view of the cityscape on your way down. Some people prefer to see the city from above, while others prefer to have a more natural view from above. Just like choosing an operator, choosing a view for the way down will also be a very personal decision.

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