Skydiving in Oklahoma

Skydiving is probably not at the top of many people’s list as a vacation destination. While that isn’t to say that there’s not a whole lot of fun that could be had in Oklahoma, with most Americans getting only two weeks off of work per year, they tend to head somewhere closer to a beach, or with better weather year round.

That said, tourism in Oklahoma is certainly growing and partly due to the fact that there is a growing skydiving scene there. If you are planning a trip to Oklahoma, and you have even been remotely interested in skydiving, then we definitely recommend you explore your options to make your first (or fiftieth) jump over the great state of Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma, there is no shortage of wide, open spaces. That works out perfectly, because wide open spaces are exactly the right type of environment for skydiving. Firstly, you need the landing area to be free of obstructions, so that on the way down, you don’t get hung up on trees or anything else. Also, you don’t want to skydive over heavily populated areas, for obvious reasons.

Skydiving in Oklahoma as a first timer

Many people who choose to go skydiving in Oklahoma will be doing so for the first time. As a new sky diver, you probably have many questions about the process, and it’s highly likely the majority of them have to do with safety.

The first thing that is vitally important for new skydivers to understand, is that skydiving is an extremely safe sport. We can understand if that sounds a bit crazy to you. After all, what about jumping out of a moving plane sounds at all safe? It’s important to take note of the numbers though.

In reality, there are only about 60 deaths due to skydiving annually. You might be saying to yourself, “I don’t want to do something that kills 60 people every year!” If that’s the case though, then you better stop driving. Or riding in cars. Or walking across parking lots. The list goes on. The point is, skydiving deaths account for less deaths than most activities, and certainly other sports. You’re more likely to be killed playing basketball than you are skydiving, as hard to believe as that is.

Also, the people who do die while skydiving are very rarely beginners. The deaths that occur form skydiving are almost always from experienced skydivers. These more experienced skydivers will jump on days when the weather isn’t suitable, or they will attempt risky maneuvers and pay the price with their lives. It is almost completely unheard of for a new skydiver to have an accident.

How could that be?

In short, as a new skydiver, you won’t be jumping alone. In almost all cases, you will be assigned a jumpmaster to jump with you. Before we get to what a jumpmaster is though, let’s talk about the process of going skydiving for your first time. You’ll show up at the drop zone in the morning, and immediately start with your training. The training sessions for each individual drop zone will vary, but they will all teach you about your equipment, show you how to put it on, go over the basics of skydiving and show you what to do in case of an emergency. The likelihood of an emergency happening is extremely rare, although it would be foolish of any drop zone not to prepare you for one, just in case. If for any reason, your jumpmaster is to lose consciousness, and is unable to escort you safely back to the ground, you will be armed with the knowledge to do so all on your own.

Stunning scenery from ground view. Also from your birds eye view while skydiving in Maine.

Stunning scenery from ground view. Also from your birds eye view while skydiving in Maine.

Speaking of the jumpmaster, a jumpmaster by definition is a certified skydiver with over 500 jumps under their belt. In most cases though, you won’t meet a jumpmaster who has only done around 500 jumps. Most jumpmasters are well past the 1,000 jump mark and counting. Jumpmasters do several jumps a day or more depending on how busy their particular drop zone is. Over the years, they have become intimately familiar with all the ins and outs of skydiving.

After you are finished with your training session, you’ll head up in a small plane with your jumpmaster. Then, once you reach the correct altitude, you’ll both put your gear on. At that point, your jumpmaster will literally strap themselves to your back and you will be all ready to jump. It is at this point where you need to make the real decision about whether or not you’re actually going to jump. Most people who get into the plane do end up jumping, even if they get terrified while looking down. Some people end up backing out at the last second though too.

If your jumpmaster can sense that you really want to do it, but you’re too nervous to push yourself out of the plane all on your own, they can give you the final push to make you commit to the jump. If you are truly terrified, they won’t be so cruel as to force you into jumping, but it can be very helpful if you have the desire but not the courage to make the leap on your own.

As soon as you begin the free fall, there’s no turning back. At the same time, the free fall is generally the part where people instantly fall in love with skydiving. There is no feeling like being weightless and zooming through the air at such a velocity. You will feel like you are flying – a truly indescribable feeling that you must experience to fully understand.

Once you reach a certain altitude, the jumpmaster will pull the parachute and your ascent will slow drastically, and you’ll start floating towards the ground. Your jumpmaster will take over the navigation, making sure you don’t land anywhere that is undesirable or come in for too hard of a landing. Before skydiving for the first time, many people believe that hitting the ground again will be a huge relief. The opposite is usually true though, and most people are so excited about the whole process, the ground disappoints them and they can’t wait to get up in the air and jump all over again.

It’s a truly amazing experience and if you have even the slightest inkling of wanting to give skydiving a try, you should definitely follow through on that urge. It is quite rare for a person to actually give skydiving a try and dislike it. Very few people who go skydiving once say they would never try it again. It just has a way of making instant fans out of people.

Where to go skydiving in Oklahoma

Hopefully by this point, we’ve been able to convince you that skydiving is not only safe, but can be a very good time too. You might be asking yourself now, where you can go skydiving when you’re in Oklahoma. We have a couple of great recommendations to get you started.

We will say though, that while we definitely recommend the places below, you should always ask about any company’s safety records before jumping with them. Even though most companies in North America are completely safe to jump with, with rigorous safety standards, it would be foolish to not check more into that first. You are putting your life into your hands, something that you don’t want to do for someone whose safety you haven’t first verified. Always do your homework before jumping. Your findings for just about any company in North America should come back positive, but peace of mind is still priceless.

So, here are are a couple of our top companies for skydiving in Oklahoma:

Skydive Tulsa
Phone: 918-482-JumpUS


Pegasus Air Sports Center
1220 County Road,
1346 Chickasha, OK 73018
Phone: (405) 222-1445

So, if you’ve been meaning to give skydiving a try, and are going to be in the Oklahoma area any time soon, you really have no reason to put it off any longer. With all the views that are able to be seen over Oklahoma, the good prices and the safety of skydiving, it might just become your new favorite sport or hobby.

Don’t let people fool you into thinking that skydiving is some maniacally dangerous activity. Take a look at the numbers for yourself, and you’ll see that skydiving is a whole lot safer than you ever thought it could be. The simple, day to day activities that you partake in are a lot more dangerous than skydiving could ever be, so if you’ve been thinking of giving it a try, but the safety of it has been holding you back – change that line of thinking immediately. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot of great experience to gain by giving it a shot. Just go out and do it, trust us, you won’t regret that decision.

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