Skydiving in Prague

The famous cultural attractions such as the Lennon Wall and Prague castle, not to mention its temperate climate are usually what attracts visitors to the city of Prague… But… what about trying skydiving there? The warm weather makes this the perfect venue to make your first skydive and see the city laid out below you.

Skydiving in Prague for the first time

Skydiving in Prague will offer some spectacular scenery

Skydiving in Prague will offer some spectacular scenery

Even first time skydivers can skydive in Prague, as the skydiving locations, or Drop Zones as they are known, have to follow strict safety protocols and full training is provided prior to actually jumping out of the plane.

The training procedure can vary but usually starts with a video of what will happen during the skydive and some Drop Zones also do a walk-through of the process. You will see a demonstration of what will happen during the skydive and , also be shown what to do in the event of an emergency ie if the instructor were to faint during free fall, you will be shown what to do, how to deploy the parachute and get you both safely back to the ground. You will also have to wear specialist clothing and equipment for skydiving, this is primarily designed with your safety in mind and is not particularly comfortable, so it helps to wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in, underneath.

What type of first time skydive can I do in Prague?

First time skydivers are usually offered what is known as a Tandem Jump, this is where the instructor or Jumpmaster as they are known, is strapped to your back and you jump out of the plane as one. These Jumpmasters are fully qualified, have to have taken at least 500 skydives before they are allowed to teach others and when they jump out of the plane with you they will be in full control of the skydiving experience for both of you.

Once the plane reaches the correct altitude, the instructor will make final checks and then strap themselves to you and you will jump out of the plane. The weight of the instructor will initially feel very uncomfortable, but, this will pass once you jump out of the plane and become essentially weightless. It is when it actually comes to jumping out of the plane that some people have a change of heart. This is a normal reaction that many people have, but the instructor will be able to help and talk you through any feelings of anxiety, after all they are fully experienced and will know if it is apprehension and you just need a little help to actually jump, or, if you really have changed your mind and just want to stay in the plane. A point to mention here is that, if you do decide to sit it out and stay in the plane, you will still have to pay the same price as both the time for the instructor and the plane will already have been utilized and this can in itself be enough of a motivating factor to make the jump. Also, the instructor will probably decide to make a solo skydive, so you would basically be left to fly back to the Drop Zone alone. It is worth mentioning here, that any feelings of anxiety will soon pass once you jump out of the plane and experience weightlessness and the exhilarating feeling of free fall. You will feel the air rushing past you and then after a short time of free fall the instructor will release the parachute, your descent rate will slow and as you glide back to ground level, you will have the time to look around, take in the fabulous view below and just generally enjoy the experience. Once back on the ground you may well decide you enjoyed the experience so much that you want to immediately do it again and indeed, depending on time and availability this may be possible, just ask. Who knows you may even get a discount!



There is another type of skydive available to first time skydivers known as a Static Line Jump, but this type of skydive is really best suited to the braver individual, as it involves being tethered to the instructor by a long rope and jumping out of the plane separately. Two instructors are also required for this type of skydive and it requires more training and is also more expensive. For a static Line Jump, one instructor will be tethered to you and one is on the ground in communication by walkie talkie, you are essentially in control and must decide when to release the parachute. The instructor is there in case there is a problem or you forget what to do, in which case they can then release their own parachute and this will reduce the descent rate of both of you. The instructor on the ground will monitor wind speed and direction and give you instructions to ensure you are safely guided back to the ground.

What skydiving facilities are available in Prague

Hopefully reading about skydiving in Prague has made you want to get up in a plane and try out the experience for yourself. However, before you rush off and book that first skydive, just take a couple of minutes to check out the safety records of your chosen Drop Zone. Any incidences at a Drop Zone, will have been recorded and will have caused a shut down and re assessment of safety protocols, so be sure the one you choose has a clean track record as your life is literally at stake here.

To help in your choice here are a couple of sites to tempt you:

Skydiving in Prague


Sky Service (Skydive Prague)

Pribram airport
Pribram, 120 00
Czech Republic

Skydiving in Prague, why not? Book a holiday here and include skydiving in your itinerary, you will be so happy you did and the memories it creates will stay with you forever.

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