Skydiving in San Diego

When people who aren’t from California think about California, usually they picture beautiful sunny days, the ocean and maybe even a couple of celebrities. One of the things that probably rarely comes to mind about California, is skydiving. There is definitely a huge skydiving culture in California though – and how could there not be?

California is home to so many other types of extreme sports, and skydiving fits that bill perfectly. While there are tons of places to get your first jump in all over the great state of California, today we are going to be focusing just on San Diego.

Skydive in San Diego

The majority of California’s skydiving facilities are located way inland. It only makes sense, as you need a lot of wide open space for the landing, and the coastal cities of California are definitely not known for their wide open spaces. Wide, sure, open, not so much. The problem is, once you go inland there isn’t a whole lot to see from above. Does miles and miles of desert sound particularly appealing to you? If you aren’t from California then it just might, but if you were born and raised on the west coast then it’s highly likely you’ve grown more than tired of desert scenery by now and are looking for something new and a little more exciting.

All that is possible when you go skydiving in San Diego. While you may not be able to see the ocean during your jump (all depends on where you jump from and how good visibility is on the day you jump), the scenery should be a bit different, than say, jumping in San Bernadino. If you’re already looking to spend enough time in San Diego to go skydiving, then it’s probably pretty safe to say you’re not too interested in the scenery in a place like San Bernadino.

As for the safety of skydiving in San Diego, there should be no reason to be apprehensive about any of the operators there. While we would never tell someone to go skydiving without first inquiring about the safety record of the operator they’re planning to use, there have been no reported problems at all with the skydiving operators in San Diego. Of course, that is the norm for skydiving operators in the US, as very few of them have any marks at all on their safety records.

Just about all operators in the US are very good at always inspecting their equipment before each and every jump, keeping a staff of qualified jumpmasters and never allowing a person to jump who won’t be able to do so safely. It’s one of the reasons that skydiving has earned the reputation of being an exceptionally safe sport, despite the fact that it involves you jumping out of a moving airplane. So, definitely do your homework with whatever operator you choose to work with, but rest assured knowing that all of the operators in the San Diego area have impeccable safety records.

As for which operators to choose, there are several in the area, but we have a couple that we recommend checking out.

The first is Pacific Coast Skydiving, and you can even book your skydiving session online where their current advertised rate is $179. Booking online might seem like a very common feature, but it’s not in the skydiving industry. Most operators are still learning about the internet and the majority of their focus is on the ground (or in the air rather), meaning that online bookings are the exception and not the rule. A lot of skydiving operators rarely pick up the phone, because they are too busy getting jumpers prepared for their first time. This means at some facilities you just have to show up and hope they have enough time and room to take you up that day. With Pacific Coast Skydiving and their efficient online booking system, that shouldn’t be a problem at all. To get in contact with them, use the details below:

Pacific Coast Skydiving

6810 Curran Street

San Diego, CA 92154

(619) 661-0194

Another local skydiving operator that we can recommend is Skydive San Diego. While their online booking system isn’t quite as efficient as the one at Pacific Coast Skydiving, they do allow you to check availability online, so you know whether you’ll be able to go up that day, before driving all the way out to the drop zone. With traffic as bad as it is in southern California, this alone can be a real time saver and save you from a lot of unnecessary frustration. They can accommodate for both experienced and first time sky divers, can arrange solo or tandem jumps and can even take photos and videos of you on the way down, just in case you think your friends won’t believe you when you tell them you did something as extreme as skydiving. To get in contact with them, use the details below:

Skydive San Diego

13531 Otay Lakes Road

Jamul, CA 91935


So while some people can’t wait to go to San Diego to relax at the beach and soak up some rays, you can be above all of them, literally, if you go there seeking a skydiving excursion. It’s a great way to see the whole area from above, and the weather is almost always good, so you don’t get the false starts due to bad weather that you get in more unpredictable areas of the US.

Just make sure to check for availability or make a booking online before driving all the way out there. Also, make sure to ask any questions you might have about an operator’s safety record or procedures. You won’t offend them or ask anything they’ve never heard before and it always pays to be safe rather than sorry. If there’s anything at all concerning you about your upcoming jump, don’t hesitate to ask, it’s what they’re all there for.

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