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Skydiving in Southern California is one of the most incredible experiences in the world, not just because of the beautiful views, but because skydiving is just so typically SoCal, there’s no reason not to try it. When we say typically SoCal, we mean that Southern Californians are known for being care free and doing the types of things that many people around the world would just gawk at, all without batting an eye. Of course, not all areas of Southern California appeal to everyone, and there are arguably some areas where skydiving wouldn’t be so appealing in Southern California.

For example, the areas of Riverside and San Bernadino sound like great areas to go skydiving. The two areas have large, wide open spaces and prices are generally cheaper there. At the same time, the views from above are just not that stunning. As some skydivers say, “If you’ve jumped over one desert, you’ve jumped over them all.” It’s a fair point and if a desert view isn’t particularly exciting to you, then you may want to skip areas like Riverside or San Bernadino.

Sky Dive Santa Barbara

Then there are places like Los Angeles, where skydiving also exists. While LA is a great city for lots of things, there are a ton of people who just don’t vibe with the city at all. It’s too crowded, too polluted and too much traffic. Some skydivers have even reported being able to feel the exact moment they break through the pollution during their descent, and for some it is enough for them to never skydive in Los Angeles again.

When it comes to finding a nice place to go skydiving in Southern California, we would have to make Santa Barbara our first recommendation. If you’re not familiar with Santa Barbara, it’s truly a gem of a small city. It is located in northern Ventura County, which is the county just north of Los Angeles County and is just about the northernmost tip of what is called Southern California. It’s also just about the last real city of interest when you head north for several more hours.

What else is so special about Santa Barbara? There’s quite a few things actually. Santa Barbara is located right on the ocean, and it’s a very nice ocean at that. Surfers love Santa Barbara because the population is relatively low meaning there are enough waves to go around. The city is also very low crime and low traffic as well (although the freeways through the city do get backed up – welcome to Southern California). The city has earned an excellent reputation, to the point that a disproportionately large amount of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey have set up homes in the city’s majestic hillside.

While all of that probably sounds very good on paper in terms of a vacation to Santa Barbara, this is still a blog centered around skydiving. If you want to see some of the most stunning views of Southern California from up above, Santa Barbara is by far one of the best places to do so. You have breathtaking mountain views which play host to some of the most beautiful mansions you’ll ever see – butted right up against the blue ocean of Santa Barbara.

The weather in Santa Barbara is also phenomenal, even by Southern California standards. While Santa Barbara generally gets no more or no less rain than the rest of Southern California (which is a very small amount), the temperatures in Santa Barbara are constantly a few degrees cooler. The cool thing (no pun intended) about this is that this difference is not all that noticeable during the winter months, but it is definitely noticeable during the summer months when areas like Los Angeles can become unbearably warm. You should still remember to bring along your warm clothes for the jump, as it’s pretty chilly when you’re 12,000 feet above the ground no matter where you are in the world. Still, the temperatures on the ground during any season are a whole lot more desirable than almost anywhere else in Southern California.

So now that we’ve gone on and on about why you should visit and skydive in Santa Barbara, you’re probably wondering where exactly you should go for your skydiving experience there. We also have recommendations for that. We definitely recommend you check out:


Sky Dive Santa Barbara

Phone: 1.877.652.5867

1801 N H St Suite G

Lompoc, CA 93436



SkyDive Coastal California

Local Phone:  (805) 322-4763


375 Durley Ave,

Camarillo, CA 93010

So if you’ve been looking for the next perfect place for a skydiving adventure, that’s also located in a place where you can really relax and have a great time, it’s hard to beat Santa Barbara. You can do the Hollywood tourist thing and see tours of celebrity homes in the hills, or you can just laze around on the beach all day. There is ample shopping and excellent restaurants abound and in our opinion this small city is not to be missed. Just don’t have too much fun doing all the touristy stuff and forget to actually go skydiving, you’ll regret not doing it for the rest of your life. The views truly are that stunning.

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