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* October 2017 update: This post was published in March 2014, and the quoted prices were a ball park figure at that time. Since then, prices have come down in some areas but not others. We’ve made a decision to keep the numbers the same, and you can take them as an upper limit.

If you go to book and there’s a special offer, or a great deal then fantastic. We’d prefer that than the other way round, where we post the best prices and then you end up disappointed. Feel free to add current prices and offers in the comments section!

While skydiving is an exhilarating sport that people tend to want to do again as soon as possible upon reaching the ground, that isn’t always the reality. In fact, despite their best intentions of wanting to immediately jump again, many people will only ever skydive once or twice in their lifetime.

Because of that, most people are hesitant to go skydiving in any old place, because if they’re only going to want to do it once or twice, they’ll want to do it in a place that’s amazing and worth being called a once in a lifetime experience. There are many beautiful places around the world to skydive, to the point that you’re pretty spoiled for choice if you’re looking for the perfect area to go skydiving.

Of course, one of the biggest issues factoring into most people’s decisions, is price. Nobody wants to pay more than they have to, and paying less than they have to is always desirable. While we will add that going too cheap on skydiving in some parts of the world will result in a lack of proper safety practices, there are definitely still some deals to be had. Today we are going to be looking at several different popular skydiving locations from around the world, and will list them in order from least expensive to most expensive.

Skydiving on a budget (below $300)

Just because you’re on a budget, or consider yourself a backpacker, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a great experience skydiving. There’s all types of places around the world where you can go do go skydiving on the cheap.

For example, how does a vacation to Italy sound? Great food, friendly people and lots to do, including the amazing views you can see from 12,000 feet. Italy is the cheapest spot on our list with the average jump costing only $225. There are many safe and reputable skydiving operators in Italy, so while you should always be concerned with your safety, there are few, if any, operators in Italy who aren’t up to proper safety standards.

If you prefer to keep things stateside, but want to go for something exotic at the same time, you could always head to Hawaii. If you’re already in the US, it would only be a domestic flight, which would save you even more money and you wouldn’t even need to bring your passport. The average price of a jump in Hawaii is $230, and there are some seriously stunning ocean and volcano views to be head from that height.

For a breathtaking view over Africa, and a bit of adventure on the side, you could always head to Namibia. While jumping over the desert you can take in caramel colored dunes as far as the eye can see. The best part is that skydiving in Namibia is still a great deal. For just $270 per jump, you can have the experience of a lifetime that your friends back home won’t be able to believe. Just remember to get it all on video if you can, or they might not actually believe you.

If Namibia sounds a little bit too extreme, then maybe Spain is more up your alley. With so much to offer a tourist besides just the skydiving experience, Spain makes an all around great vacation, but with the average price of a jump in Spain being just $280, it won’t take too much out of your travel fund. Most jumps start early in the morning, which is good because you’ll want to make sure you’re down in time for lunch, before restaurant workers go for their afternoon siesta.

skydiving prices around the world don't vary that much.

Skydiving prices around the world don’t vary that much, but the scenery sure does! This is Nepal… Amazing!

Mid range skydiving options ($300)

While there are several options for would-be jumpers below the $300 price point, once you hit $300 is when you get the average price of skydiving around the world. In fact, $300 per jump is such a common price for skydiving, that every destination in this bracket is priced at exactly $300.

For starters, there’s Australia. These days Australia is known for extremely high prices on everything from accommodation to a simple bottle of water. That makes the price point of $300 in a country where absolutely everything is expensive seem very reasonable. The other things Australia is well known for also apply here though. Breathtaking views and varied wildlife can all be enjoyed from up above, and you better believe they have enough wide open space for you to take it all in.

While not quite as cheap as Namibia, for another African destination on our list, the slightly higher price in Zambia might just be worth it. For only $300 per jump, you can jump over Victoria Falls, the highest waterfall on earth and one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Many people report seeing rainbows over the falls, which is stunning from the ground, but even more stunning when you’re literally somewhere over the rainbow.

If you know anything about New Zealand, then you already know it’s one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world that anybody could visit. You know what goes really well with natural beauty? Being high up above it! $300 buys you a ticket to see some of the world’s most beautiful vistas from up above, and an experience you’ll likely never forget.

When money is no object ($450 +)

Africa is the only continent to be well represented on all three price brackets, which makes sense because of how incredibly diverse Africa actually is. If you head to Mauritius, a small island off the southeast coast of Africa, you can take in some of the most breathtaking the views the country has to offer. The only drawback is that it won’t come cheap, with a single jump costing you about $450 at the time of this writing.

If you’ve really got money though, and you’re looking for one of the most extreme dives in the world, then you’re looking to head to Nepal to dive over Mt. Everest. They only run four diving trips per year and you need to pay the $1,000 deposit six months in advance and a $14,000 jump fee, but we would say it’s well worth it. You’ll be jumping from 14,000 feet, which is less than halfway up the world’s tallest mountain, but the view you’ll get is absolutely priceless. Just remember to bring a warm coat, it’s going to be cold up there!

The thing that may surprise most people, is that skydiving prices around the world really don’t vary all that much. The large majority of skydiving prices fall somewhere in the $200-400 range, so price doesn’t really play into the decision all that much.

In fact, a bigger part of your price-based decision will be around getting there in the first place. Flight (on planes you won’t jump out of) can be cheap or expensive depending on where you’re going, so pick a place that looks interesting to you and then start searching for flights. Your vacation will be much more special for the fact that you’ve experienced it from 14,000 feet above sea level.

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  1. Your prices are way too high. Bryan (Texas, USA) – Tandem jump from 14000 ft for just $150 !!

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  2. I did in Palatka, Fl, two weeks ago for $175, but was able to find other sites starting from $150 and going up to $250. Palatka was the only one that had avialable time when I could do it, and it also turned out to be great place to perform the jump. Staff felt friendly as a family as well as very professional.

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  3. So you mean a TANDEM jump and not the cost of an actual lift. Also your values are way north of most of Europe… Strange post…

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  4. Hi fellas, yes you’re right, prices have come down in many areas since this post was written in early 2014. I’ve just added an intro to cover the pricing anomaly. Anyone reading this in the future can feel free to add a comment with current pricing from their local area!

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