What are the Best Clothes for Skydiving?

We often hear first time skydivers asking about what the best clothes they can buy for skydiving are. Our answer is always the same – you shouldn’t have to buy any new clothes for skydiving, you probably have everything you need already. Just about everyone has the proper clothing in their closets to go skydiving, but if you’re the type that loves to buy new clothes for every occasion, then don’t let that stop you.

The most important thing to keep in mind, is that you need clothes that are comfortable and loose-fitting. Skydiving equipment is notoriously uncomfortable. You won’t want to put it on a second too soon, and you’ll want to take it off again as soon as you reach the ground. Many people ask why they don’t try to focus on making skydiving gear more comfortable, but that misses the point completely. You want to make sure your skydiving equipment keeps you safe, first and foremost. There’s absolutely no reason you should ever sacrifice safety for more comfortable equipment.

specialist clothes for skydiving

Feel free to get a specialist jump suit and look amazing. Just wait for a few dives first before you splash out!

Because of how uncomfortable the equipment is, the more comfortable the clothes you can wear underneath the better. Tight-fitting and stiff jeans will make things even more uncomfortable for you. Sweatpants or similar types of pants work great for skydiving and will provide you with a great level of comfort. A t-shirt is also a great choice, since it will be loose-fitting and not too constricting.

Another important thing to remember, is that it will be much colder 12,000 feet in the air. Even if it feels very warm on the ground, it gets colder the higher up you go. Add to that, the fact that when you jump, you will be cutting through the wind at a high rate of speed. The wind against your skin is going to feel very cold, so having some sort of fabric covering your exposed skin will help to keep you a little warm. It’s still going to be cold, no matter what you do, but being able to cover up at least a bit will definitely help. If you can wear long sleeves or even a sweatshirt, that would be preferable. You can leave it off until right before you put on your equipment, if it’s hot down on the ground.

The last thing, and this is very important, is that you need to wear close-toed shoes that can be tied up tightly. Some people will show up with open-toed shoes or sandals and will be turned away. The reason for this, is that you will be descending so rapidly, that if your shoes are loose-fitting, they will fall right off your feet. This not only makes it possible for you to cut your feet when you land, it is very dangerous for anyone waiting below. Since a rogue shoe won’t have a parachute to slow its descent, it will fall at full speed and can severely injure or even kill someone on the ground if it hits them. Make sure you show up at the drop zone with proper footwear.

As you can see, you likely have all the equipment and clothing you need right in your closet. All you need to do is make sure you show up in comfortable, loose-fitting, warm clothing. Almost everyone has clothes like this at home and has no need to buy them. Any close-toed shoes with laces will do as well, so no need to overthink things. Showing up with the proper clothing will make the whole process much smoother and will ensure that you’ll be able to jump on the same day you show up. It will also ensure that you’ll be much more comfortable during your jump.

Remember: One of the most important considerations is the local air temperature. It can get so cold that even the aircraft make funny faces!

Remember: One of the most important considerations is the local air temperature. It can get so cold that even the aircraft make funny faces!

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  1. I think you can wear most clothes, but maybe not things that are going to catch on the plane or whatever. I just wore normal shorts and shirt they normally put a jumpsuit over you anyway!

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  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Just popped over to your website. Perhaps a “Transcend your limits” T-shirt might be in order for your next sky dive?

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