Why Would Anyone Jump Out of a Moving Airplane?

Understanding the attraction…

It’s a very good question, and one that we certainly can’t blame you for asking. People board airplanes every day, and very few ever have so much as the slightest urge to jump out of one. How could they? The rules and regulations for riding on an aircraft are so strict that they won’t even let you use your cell phone, or bring over 100 ml of liquids. How could anyone be crazy enough to actually want to jump out of one?

Well, to start, most people that look at an airplane and get the urge to jump out of it, could usually be classified as the thrill seeking types. If you’re not a thrill seeker by definition, then it could be hard to ever understand why a person would want to do such a thing.

What about all those people who have gone skydiving before who aren’t thrill seekers though? If you’ve ever been told by a person that they’ve been skydiving before and that totally doesn’t seem to fit their character, it can make you start to wonder a bit. Were they roped into it? Did someone have to push them out of the plane to make them jump? Would they ever do something like that again?

There are so many questions that can start to run through your head as you talk about the prospect of going skydiving for the first time, but none of them are as important as “Why?”

What could cause an otherwise intelligent human being, to remove themselves from the safety of the inside of an aircraft, in order to free fall towards the earth?

Jumping out of an aeroplane

Here we go! Too late to change your mind now buddy! What a rush…

It’s a rush – This answer will certainly come form the thrill seeking crowd primarily, but that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Going skydiving definitely is a rush, and it’s the type of rush that you won’t truly understand until you try it for yourself. You might believe you’re the type of person who really doesn’t appreciate that sort of a rush. We don’t believe you though.

To be a bit more clear, we believe that you don’t believe you’re the type of person who appreciates that type of rush, but you never really know until you try. Just go and survey some people who have just gone skydiving for the first time, and ask them if they would ever do it again. Just about all of them would say “yes!” enthusiastically.

It’s so rare for problems and complications to happen while skydiving, that people are almost always willing to repeat the experience – it’s just that much fun. After they’ve gone skydiving once, they usually get a taste for it and want to try new things. They will opt to jump without a Jumpmaster, or they’ll do a tandem jump with one of their friends who’s also a first-timer. Once you go that one time, there’s no going back – you’ll be hooked on the feeling for the rest of your life.

It’s a great way to face your fears – Do you have something that’s bothering you in life? Something that you’re afraid of doing, and that fear is almost crippling in the way that it affects your daily life? Well ask yourself this one question: Is it as scary as jumping out of a moving plane?

Chances are, the answer is no. Whether you have a big speech to give in front of 500 people or you’re worried about asking your boss for a raise, skydiving still seems a whole lot scarier. So you know what our best advice for a person in that situation is? Go skydiving as soon as possible!

It seems crazy, but skydiving is one of those fears that can be easier to manage than the seemingly lesser ones. With your other fears, there is a lot of room for personal error. You could burp while making that big speech and embarrass yourself. You could ask your boss for a raise when he’s in a bad mood and end up getting fired. With skydiving though, as long as you jump with a Jumpmaster, there’s very little opportunity for anything to go wrong. Hold on to that little piece of information tightly and eject yourself out of that plane.

As you do that, and you find yourself hurtling towards the ground, you’ll start to realize that those other things you’ve been worrying about really aren’t that scary at all. It might even start to seem silly that you spent so much time worrying about them, when you just finished doing something as extreme as skydiving. This makes the fears in your daily life a whole lot easier to deal with.

You can skydive for a good cause – You know what people are getting really sick of? Bake sales. Fundraisers. Girl Scout cookies. You know, all those little things that you feel obligated to donate money to, but when you start to think about it, don’t really do anything to help you improve your life (unless you really like Thin Mints).

That’s exactly why skydiving has been catching on as a charity activity. People are much more willing to donate, if they know you’ll have to go skydiving because of it. This goes double if you don’t seem like the skydiving type – they’ll want to donate just to make sure you actually follow through with it.

Usually these sort of charity events work in a similar fashion to bowling or running for charity. Except, instead of people pledging a certain amount for every pin you knock down or every mile you run, they will pledge a certain amount if you jump or not. Simply put, there’s no way for them to pledge on amount based on a variable – you don’t want to only go halfway down and then get stuck in midair do you?

So, either you jump and get the money for charity, or you don’t and no money goes to charity from your efforts. Some runners will give it their all, and then give up once they get too tired, and still be appreciated for their effort. With skydiving, you either jump or you don’t, and there’s no judging of your effort if you don’t jump.

If you’ve been wanting to go skydiving, but think you’ll end up chickening out at the last minute, jumping for charity is a great way to make sure you’ll actually follow through with it.

It feels incredible and the view is amazing – Just like many other things in life, you don’t always need a solid, fleshed out reason to do something. It just needs to be enjoyable and fun. No matter how scared you are of the whole process, once you exit that plane and start speeding towards the earth, it’s pretty hard not to have a smile on your face the whole time. In fact, all that fear you’ve been feeling usually goes away instantly during the first few seconds of free fall. It’s pretty hard to remember to be scared when you’re having so much fun.

Also, and this is highly dependent upon where you jump, but the view is often spectacular. Most drop zones will make a point to drop you over something that’s nice to look at on the way down. If there’s nothing like that in the area, even just plain earth looks pretty incredible from such an altitude as you fall towards it unrestricted.

In a better scenario, you can jump with mountains, canyons or other natural attractions  below you. Even if you’ve seen pictures of a view like this from above before jumping, nothing will ever be able to prepare you for how it will look once it’s all there below for you to behold. This is one of the things that keeps skydivers traveling all over the world, always looking for that next big jump to take on.

While this is our list of great reasons to go skydiving, usually people’s real motivations for going skydiving are highly individual. Plus, there’s a never ending amount of great reasons to go skydiving, and we’re always hearing about new ones all the time.

That’s why we wanted to open up a question to all of you – what made you want to go skydiving the first time? Or, if you haven’t yet, what’s making you think of going sky diving for your first time? We sometimes feel like we’ve heard all the reasons by this point, until someone comes along and surprises us with an all new one!

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