Why You Should Skydive for Charity

Who decides to sky dive for charity?

Skydiving for charity is becoming increasingly popular all over the country. We’ve all heard of the normal things people do for charity, like running marathons or bowling, and they have become so commonplace that they’re almost boring at this point. With skydiving though, things are much more interesting. This is doubly true if you don’t seem like the type of person who would normally go skydiving. People will be even more likely to donate, all because they want to see you actually make the jump.

If your office or workplace is thinking of doing something for charity any time soon, then we definitely recommend you consider skydiving. The way it usually works, is that someone will pledge a certain amount, and if you actually jump, they have to donate that amount to charity. It’s a great way to make money for a good cause, but there’s other good reasons to do it too that we’ll be going over today.

It could be what finally pushes you to go skydiving

Think about going skydiving for your first time. It sounds scary, right? Looking out the door of the moving plane and imagining yourself jumping out of it is enough to give many people a panic attack. If you got all the way up there and decided not to jump, no one could really blame you for backing out.

Now, think about the fact that many people are depending on you to actually jump. This is an even better motivator if you are personally invested in the charity you chose. You will be thinking about how if you don’t jump, the charity won’t receive that extra money which people have pledged to you. Even if you are scared out of your mind, that might just be enough to push you over the edge, or out of the plane.

skydive for charity and raise money

Skydive for charity to help others, achieve a personal goal, and avoid having to wear a giant chicken costume!

It will go to a good cause

Hopefully you choose a charity that supports a good cause. Most charities do, but some causes are definitely better than others. Pick one that will truly help people, and you will feel that much better for having done it. It’s crazy to think about the fact that jumping out of an airplane could actually help someone, but that’s one of the best things about skydiving for charity. It’s a great and fun activity and you can help people all at the same time.

You get to go skydiving for free

When you skydive for charity, there is usually an arrangement with the drop zone you choose to jump with. They will usually give you highly reduced rates or even let you jump for free because of the noble cause you’re undertaking. Even if there is a charge, the amount that someone has donated will usually cover it. Make sure to check with the drop zone to see what their policies are for charity rates, but most of them are very favorable.

While skydiving is an increasingly affordable sport, some people just aren’t willing to spend the money on something they’re already apprehensive about doing in the first place. Once skydiving becomes free for them though, they really open up about giving it a try. If skydiving was a free activity, you might have tried it long ago. By skydiving for charity, you essentially make it completely free, and you have no more excuses not to do it.

The way in which people donate is much more straightforward – When you donate for someone to run a marathon or go bowling, you specify a certain amount, which will be multiplied by how well you do. That means the longer you run, or the more pins you knock down, the more that person has to pay. It is kind of a gamble, since no one knows how well you’re actually going to perform.

This puts people in kind of a tough position. They want to donate money to a good cause, and they want you to do well too. They still need to think about their budgets though, so if they’re there watching the race, they can begin to feel guilty about the fact that they hope you get tired and stop running sooner rather than later.

With skydiving it’s not like that. They specify an amount and they donate it if you jump. If you don’t jump, they don’t have to donate, although they still can if they want to. This means no hidden multiplying costs and no hoping that you back out. They might even show up on the day of the jump to cheer you on and watch you as glide back down towards the earth. While we aren’t saying that other donation systems are dishonest, it’s just a whole lot easier when someone knows how much they will be donating right from the very beginning.

It’s a great team building activity for the workplace – Nothing brings people together like an intense experience. There’s fewer things out there that are more intense than skydiving. While as a first timer, you won’t be allowed to jump all on your own for the first time, or do a tandem dive with a co-worker, you can both jump simultaneously with jumpmasters. The fact that you’ve both been through an experience like skydiving together means a whole lot, and it can help to make the team even stronger at work. Imagine being able to improve the whole office’s performance, just because you all went skydiving on the weekend. And you’re raising money for charity all at the same time. Everyone wins!

There are many reasons why skydiving for charity is a great idea, and if your office has the slightest interest in doing something for charity, we definitely recommend choosing skydiving. It is the perfect activity that will push you out of your comfort zone, all while being able to do something for a good cause. If you’ve been meaning to try skydiving for some time now but have been apprehensive about doing it, let the power of charity give you that final nudge to make the leap.

It won’t be nearly as scary as you think, and you’ll be comforted by the fact that you’ll be helping people all at the same time. You’ll love to see the look on people’s faces as you ask them for donations for you to go skydiving, and it’s an infinitely more fun way to donate than just by watching someone go bowling. So talk to your boss or manager and set up a skydiving for charity event today.

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